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It’s an amazing feeling when you’re in love. Things always seem right and you wake up every morning next to the person you love smiling. Looking at my situation, it’s unbelievable how my family has welcomed Ant. They have seen me with way too many girls and for them to treat her like family; it’s really a good feeling.

Ant and I have been doing lots together. From cooking to blogging, to taking care of my folks to baking cookies with a microwave oven. She’ll probably post pictures of our baking session later today. The cookies turned out awesome. Yum yum yum yuuum!!! My brother Leon would agree that Ant is a clown. She’s playful and fun to be around with if you don’t mind having a headache. On a serious note, I’ve seen her at her lowest point and I’m glad to see her smiling again. Deep down inside, Ant is the ONE. Ant is the second girl who has come into my life where I’ve thought about marriage. As for the first girl, we all know that story. I shan’t bring it up!

I now see myself as a retired slut. Back in the Far East Plaza days, I was affectionately known as the slut (Don Tan has officially taken over my post). I was the kind of guy that would get excited with anything that moved. When I joined Bar None, my ex-colleague Marie called me a slut for obvious reasons. Even back in my secondary school days, the boys had a name for me. I can’t remember what it was but it was a Chinese word.

Since I’m retiring from my title ‘The Slut’, this means that I’ll be able to wake up from now on without going “oh shit!!” We’ve all had that one occasion or many more (you bloody slut) where you wake up going “oh shit” or “oh f@#k”. You slowly open your eyes and you realize that this ain’t your room. Or worse still, you’re in your room! Slowly turning your head, you see the ugliest S.O.B grazing god’s given earth next to you. A million thoughts run by you and you do the next best thing. You blame the alcohol! I remember waking one morning thinking Sea World had lost one of their whales. I laugh about it now but back then, I was scared shitless. There I was with this sperm whale next to me and I had no choice but to climb out the window. No goodbye, thanks for the night, lets exchange numbers, nothing!

Another hilarious moment I fondly remember is back in 2003. Along with a couple of S.League boys and Loud Mouth from the South Venga, we partied at Asoka. I had a good number of beers and was drunk before I could even say “bottoms up”. Being drunk and all, this girl sitting at the bar caught my attention. I went up to the bar and told the bartender that I wanted two of what she’s having. The bartender gave me a weird look and handed me two stouts after much hesitation. So there I was talking to this girl and having a drink. Next thing I know, we were kissing. After much tongue fighting, I turned around to look at my boys. All the idiots were laughing. Ignoring my moronic friends, I returned my attention to this sweet young thing. It didn’t take long for them to pull me out of the club and we headed to another joint. The next morning, I woke up with the usual hangover and had a missed call from Miroslav (former Woodlands foreign import player). I called him back and the moment I said hello, he started laughing. It turned out that the sweet young thing wasn’t sweet anymore. It was a MAN. Call her a bapok, transvestite or whatever you want. It’s a MAN to me. 4 years on, these idiots are still laughing at it. But you know what? He/she kissed really well...

Moving on…Back when I was a teen with a dick that wasn’t obedient, my parents gave me the only piece of advised that I’ve heeded to date. The advice? Never rush into marriage and have fun with your life. Have fun I did. If I’m given the chance to relive this life, I wouldn’t change a damn thing! Ok, maybe one or two minor details. Take studying for one. I sometimes feel like kicking myself in the arse for wasting 11 years of public education.

I reckon I’ve revealed more than necessary in this post. I went from love to waking up with Free Willy and lastly to kissing a man. If this doesn’t brighten your day, I don’t know what will. I'm gonna sign off with this little test I took. Till the next post people…

Your Kissing Technique Is: Passionate but Aggressive

Hey, slow it down a little!
Yes, you've got some killer kissing moves...
But that doesn't mean you need to show off ten minutes worth of technique in ten seconds.
Take your time. A little passion goes a long way.


  1. aww. ant's gorgeous you lucky fool. and thank god you're not a slut anymore. I CAN'T STAND MEN WHO CHEAT.

  2. awwwwwww....
    i'm speechless. *swoon*

    this is just the sweetest.
    i'm just glad we got here, baby. *sniff*

    and i love you too. muaacks.

  3. i'm just gonna smile and say nothing. i'm blushing like an idiot!!


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