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What’s with some people?! When I was down, they were eager to find out what was happening. And when they did, they started telling the world what I was and am going through. I’m a private person and I do not appreciate the bullshit that is going on.

Everything that has happened in my life since I turned 21 has been private. I’ve let a handful number of people into my world. If you are one of them, I’m seriously pondering if I should have in the first place.

What you guys see on the outside is a show. I was trained to be a showman and life is a show whether you like it or not. Some may call life a game but I rather think of it as a show. As unhappy as I am with life right now, I’ve never revealed my inner feelings to a customer or colleague or family member. What’s the point? The more you reveal, the more people are gonna worry. The more they worry, the more irritating life becomes. My general response to my wellbeing is always “I’m fine” or “I’m good”. So yeah…I smile, behave like a clown and infect a smile that will hopefully stay.

I am a quiet person and I enjoy being by myself. It doesn’t mean that when I don’t meet up for beers or when I’m distant from friends, my world is crumbling. You know what? I’m fucking disappointed. I’m disappointed with the fucker that has been bitching about my short stay behind bars. The same fucker that has been slamming me for the events company that failed.

If I ever do attempt suicide again, it is none of your fucking business. My life is for me to decide. I’ll decide whp I’ll fall in and out of love with. I’ll decide if I’m gonna stay with Bar None or move on to greener pastures. NOT YOU!! And if you can’t get this, go fuck yourself!


  1. dear you,

    there's more to life than what you think it has installed for you..

    so liberate in what life has to offer you. don't give up.


  2. Hey babe .... sounds like you need some god ol' TLC. Don't let life get u down. There are worst off ppl. We all go thru shite every now & then. I'm ALWAYS here if u need to bitch, hug, talk or just hang ok??? And what's up w the annonymous comment??? No matter sweetheart ... love ya hon. Take

  3. I totally understand what you mean by life's a show, whether we like it or not... I feel you bro... Be strong aite.. **hugs**

  4. yo br0! totally agreed we are on the big stage. YUP! a big show.....just do the best.....ya bro.



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