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Planet Earth

Raise your hands if you thought I was gonna kill myself? You naïve little fuck! There’s way too much going on right now for me to even end things. How can I even do so when this chapter isn’t even over?

From the emails and comments left after the last post, majority thinks that life is a show. I’m glad you agree. If it isn’t a show, what else can it be?

I’m almost done with work for a TV show. Angel and Sanjay will receive this special document in their emails very soon. I personally think it’s awesome. Let’s just hope that everyone else that looks at it will think alike.

It’s so hard to digest that in 6 days, I’m gonna leave Bar None and The Living Room. I don’t know how to do this. I really am at a loss. The past 8 months have been a blast. I’ve grown so close to the staff that I have another family now. A family that is so hard to part from. A big part of me wants to stay. Not because of the club, the bosses or the future.

The thing that stings the most is the promise I made during my 1st week. If time and circumstances were different, I would stay. Breaking this promise is something I’m dealing with each and every evening when I look at ya’ll. But hey…I’ve got 6 more days. And till then, it’s gonna be fun. And service service service! Arrgh…Fuck service!

Here’s a funny thought…I’ve got way too many people interested in my sex life. If I was famous, it’ll be alright. If you think I’m gonna tell you who is riding me, think again! Heh!

How many of you watched Live Earth? If you did, I’m sure you would have lots to say. If you’re a big SAVE THE EARTH lunatic after those 12 hours of bullshit, daddy is gonna slap you silly. I personally think Live Earth was a waste of time. You do not need a fucking 12 hour concert to educate the public. The electricity used for the 7 cities are one thing. Imagine the number of households that were tuned in. That’s millions of televisions that were turned on. Add the number of fans, air-conditioners, lamps, etc… Get the picture? If you really wanna make a difference, do the following…
1) Order what you can eat not what your stomach feels like eating.
2) Screw the rubber. Life is a game and having a baby might not be such a bad thing.
3) Do you really need to shower more than twice a day? Nobody needs to be that clean. And yeah, nobody wants to smell you!
4) Start recycling the easy way. Re-use printed paper today!
5) Here’s a problem that I have been observing for a long while. Thousands of pairs of disposable chopsticks go into the bin in Singapore everyday! Imagine the number of trees that are being chopped down…It means a home less for my orang utans. And that stinks!
6) From the girl next to me…Go commando as often as possible. For the dumb, it means to go braless and without underwear. If Britney can do it, so can you!! And...its sexy!! It reduces the amount of laundry you need to do. Heh!

Go figure out what else we can do to save the world. The wackier they are, the more fun its gonna be. Saving planet earth should be fun and something you can do with the family. That’s where love start doesn’t it? So, share the love and this world will be a better place for you and I.


  1. i mnpw who you are riding... and going commando applies to those with small tits.. heh... like when you cup its not even half.. but ok lah... hhahaha.. ya ya.. 6 more days... how could you!!!!

  2. errr...ok. i've seen women with bigger than average size tits without bras. it looks mighty awesome and yummy. just as long as their nipples aren't too big. heh!

    but seriously...go to Bali for a good long holiday if you're a fan of boobs. i know i didn't wanna come back. *slurp*

  3. i chanced upon this as i was reading thru ur old posts...

    "I’ve got one new years resolution. And this is one I’m gonna make happen. My new years resolution is to work my ass off for the Bar. I want Bar None to be what it was when I first stepped through their doors 4 years ago. It’s not gonna be easy with the current competition. But we have something the rest don’t. We have the best rock band in Singapore and the very best in LIVE entertainment. So do forgive me if I don’t have time for anything else in life. I’m giving myself to the end of the year to make this happen. If it doesn’t, I’ll concede defeat and give up my job to a better man."

    and it's only july, sayang.
    i hope you'll stay. i really do.

  4. You are riding the house dog?

    Awwww.... so sweet.

  5. eh! who is the anonymous person? i ain't going no where. i've accepted a new position in the company. if you were working here, you would have known that!


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