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The Roof Is On Fire!

Anyone remember seeing this on News 5?


  1. It's the Human Torch from Fantastic Four ... on his way to save the world from The Rise of the Silver Surfer!!!!!!!

  2. err...wat are you on woman?? i want some too!!

  3. found this at SPI...

  4. eh? how can you not see anything? look at the fireball!! its fucking BIG!! only briant will miss something like this!

  5. Nooooo .... only "special people" on "special stuff" can see it, Noel. Duh. It's called "having THE gift". Guess you and I are REAL special ..... ;0)

  6. what i meant was that your blog wasn't registering the flash player (YouTube).

    Anyway, after I've seen it.

    I tell you, it's a sign from God that Armageddon is on its way. It's an FLAMING angel of death!!!


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