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They come and go...

Every now and then, we’ll meet someone that touches you and makes a difference in your life. Some come and some go before you can even say thank you.

Some end up staying longer than expected. Some are even uninvited beings that you just wanna get rid of.

Such is friendship I guess. It gets more fragile the longer it lasts. To be honest, I do not have a best friend. I can count the number of close friends using a single hand. The best part, I have fingers to spare.

There are some lunatics out there that would wanna be just like you. They end up talking like you and writing like you. They even use the words that you created which are unique. These low esteemed morons stick to you like a leech.

Then there are the other leeches. Free loaders that conveniently show up and have a ball of a time at your expense. We’ve all encountered these bastards. They never fail to piss me off and I’ve had way too many free loaders in my life.

I reckon I did good by joining the nightlife industry. I’ve shaken off friends that I didn’t want in the first place and it showed me who my true friends are.

With the colleagues I have, I’m sure a good number of them will become awesome friends after I leave. I look forward to building that friendship and hanging out when possible.

Life does get pretty lonely sometimes….

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