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Pics from India

I hope mother’s day was good and you made your momma proud. I on the other hand slept thru mother’s day. Surely but surely, I'll make it up to her in the coming week.

Just for the record, I'm not dating anyone nor am I SEEING anyone. I'm not mentally prepared for another relationship and I do not have time for anyone.

I'm gonna concentrate on making a comeback in the events industry and a couple of interesting offers have come along. I'm looking at all of them with a positive mind and I will make my decision soon.

The next 4 weeks will see yours truly talking to himself a whole lot. When I want something badly, I sure as hell am gonna work for it.

The pictures from the India trip are up on Yahoo. To view them, visit my web album by clicking here.

Have a good week ahead and be kind to animals. That includes your ugliest neighbour. Ciaoz!!


  1. i think it's a great idea that you are exploring the option of heading back to the event's industry..

    it's your forte and it would be such a waste if you don't consider returning to the industry.

    you're a great people person with a great voice (emcee) so i think with the contacts you have now you should be sailing through..

    so all the best in you future endeavours. =)

    you will do so well!

  2. hey...i guess its my calling. thanks for dropping by the bar the other night.

    thanks for the compliments. compliments always make me smile!

    take care babe :)


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