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Blast from the Past

I’ve met or bumped into so many old friends the past week. It’s a fucking blast from the past I tell you. I’m gonna do my best to keep in contact with these people. Knowing me, that ain’t gonna happen. Heh!

Some friends have been asking me how I am after reading someone’s blog. For those that have been wanting to ask, I’m fine. I’m totally fine. I’m living my life as per normal. Nothing has changed. If someone wants to blog and ask for sympathy, let them. If someone wants to send a mms with a picture of him or herself crying, let them. I’m too old for this bullshit.

After all, that person did say that this relationship will LAST for a year. It won’t go more than that. So my question is…what fucking difference is 10 months? It was gonna happen sooner or later. And yes, I’ve showed that sms to a good number of close friends. Each one of them went…What the fuck?

Alright…enough of bloody angst man. I think we should have a BBQ soon. What do ya’ll think? I’ve got a barbecue pit in my garden that hasn’t seen some action in awhile. I love barbecue chicken wingsssssss!!

Being in the nightlife industry does have its perks. Take Monday for example. I got smashed at 3 outlets along Clarke Quay for a grand total of 24 freaking dollars. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not being a cheapskate. It’s just nice to be recognized once in a blue moon.

It was awesome to see my little sister again last night. She gained a little weight and truth be told, she looks hotter than ever. Some people get away with weight gain and she’s one of them. I’m gonna make more time for her come July 15th and the ‘family’ will once again chill out like the old days.

I’ve got to be at the bar in a couple of hours. Have a good evening ahead and god bless!


  1. You're lucky you added in the 'hotter' bit at the end of your sentence!
    Or I would have hit you with my pink slippers for talking abt my bestest friend in the whole wide world like that! GggRrr.

    Anyhoos, thank you for checkin in on me and being a sweetheart feeling much better today..that's why ur my favourite neighbour!

    *Huuuuugs!* (As you said, just pretend it's real lar)

  2. OI! im happy squidgy alright!!

    It was good seeing u again too big brudder ... and as much as i detest bar none... i had loads of fun!!
    *surprise surprise

    Cant wait till our family is back together again or at least spending time outside bar crap (sorry*)
    It'll be nice to have normality back, seeing as how some of us have had a trying couple of months with work, family and inconceivably annoying ppl.

    Im glad ure leaving it and im happy you've moved on with your life. Theres no point being in a relationship that makes u unhappy or you're not whole heartedly into.

    Kudos to u big brudder!! we all hope u find love soon!!



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