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Amazing India

Wassup everyone! This is my first post since coming back from India. I’ve yet to upload the pictures. I plan to do so in the coming days. So hang in there and I guarantee that the pictures are worth looking at.

I used the India trip to indulge in a little soul searching. I got the answers to most of my questions and I came back a positive person. With that said…India is an amazing place and I thank Marco for bringing me along. One thing for sure, we became closer friends and we both understand each other a lot better. All it took was a week in India. Amazing!!

Lots of crazy things have been happening lately. I’m not gonna go into details because I think some things should just remain private. At least for now that is…

Have ya’ll been to the new Ikea Tampines? Huge will be an understatement. Everything is getting bigger in Singapore. Mega clubs, mega stores, mega resorts, etc… What would be nice is a mega paycheck!

Fans of the WWE will be pleased to know that the superstars from Smackdown and ECW will be making their way to Singapore in July. I’m gonna go with Leon for the fantastic event and we’re gonna have a blast. I think we’ve been to 4 WWE events in total. Am I right brudder?

This tattooed S.O.B has gotta get to work. Ya’ll be good and consume more alcohol.

- Noel Boyd a.k.a The Tattooed Blogger


  1. i'm reminded of the tourism ad, Incredible India.. with it's lovely tune.

    indiaa.. incredible indiaaa..


  2. do hope to go. gonna have to ask my wife-to-be though.... yet to get the details and prices of the tics though

  3. go where? the WWE ah? I also wan to go RVD!! I like..:-)


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