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Hello from Goa

Hello Singapore! How's everything back home? Goa is one fine island and it reminds me so much of Bali. From the houses to shops to the nightlife. Only difference is that the parties stop real early here. Compared to Bali, you don't have idiots in your face 24/7 asking if you want transport, weed, tattoos, etc...

In case you're wondering, Marco is doing fine. He has all the alcohol he needs to last him a freaking lifetime. I swear I could have died from the non-stop drinking last night.

The women here are looking good too. Heh! Gotta run for lunch.

Till next time folks!!


  1. Hey, don't forget to get me something from Goa yah (preferably weed LOL).... hehehe shameless me!!!

    C ya soon, sweetie! N hv fun in Goa, and don't break Hida's heart while you're at it! Hehehe... :-P


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