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Wassup folks!! Mornings just aren’t the same anymore. My mornings have turned into night and you’ve guessed it, my nights are my day.

I’ve been reflecting lots recently and it’s just plain weird for me to do so. I’ve always been the happy go lucky guy that rides with the shit. So yeah, I’ve been seriously considering where I’m heading in life and what I wanna do for both myself and my family. I’m not getting any younger and I do wanna get married in 2 years.

We all face problems in life and I’ve been known to run away from my problems. Take my acting career as an example. I was going places and auditioning with some of the best folks in the local industry. Roles were coming in and I had the best agency in the region backing my ass. To cut a long story short…I overslept, missed a crucial shoot and never answered their calls again. Was that stupid? Yes. Do I regret? Hell yeah!

What I’m gonna do differently this time around is to deal with my problems and solve them before I sink. I’m heading to dreamland. Nights and you’ll hear from me soon.

PS: I reckon getting attached to Hida recently was the best decision I’ve made in 2006. Thanks for listening and thanks for tolerating all the nonsense you’ve had to go through the past few months. Saying I appreciate you would be an understatement. Muaks!


  1. aaahh...

    symptoms of being in love..


  2. nauseating isn't it?

    but seriously.... you are still young and still have your whole life ahead of you. We all make mistakes and take certain roads in Life. But it is never too late to make right and do our best to make something of ourselves.
    As for the marriage part, dun rush it. Just let things take their natural course. Never get married cos of some target you had set or cos you feel you are getting too old.
    all in all, take your time to make the Big decisions that will determine your life.
    enough preaching from Brother Leon on this wet sunday morning...

  3. Yayyy!!! Noel is finally attached!! Hope that you have found your Miss Right this time!! Maybe, next time we all can have diiner together. :-)I kapo, want to see how she looks like.

    Ya, don't rush into marriage just becos you think you are getting old or what. Ur bother Leon is so damn old already but he is still not married yet. Give yourself and her sometime to get to know each other better. It's too early now to talk about marriage. At least, u cannot get married before your brother Leon does! hahahah.......

  4. Woah!! Glad to hear you finally attached, sweets ;-D

    Congratulations are in order... May you have a wonderful year 2007 ahead of you! Merry Xmas, sweets....

  5. hahahaa....someone better check on hida...think she fainted or something

  6. thanks lion. hahaha!!

    hold your horses people... don't be stressing me can? =P

    tensionnnn babe... tension!!

    and you, noel desmond boyd!! can you not put me and *chokes* marriage in the same entry??!

    *feeling faint again*


  7. do i hear wedding bells? bwaahahaaa...

    i guess wedding talk is a bit ..ahem....premature... at this early stage...

  8. woooweee!!! so many comments!! thanks to all that have commented and thanks to certain someone that mentioned 'wedding bells'!! i ain't gonna mention who. but....he's my second brother! hahaha...bit too early but it's always been my dream to get married and to settle down.

    to agnes: her future sista-in-law! haven't seen you in awhile. miss you and i'm sure we'll catch up over christmas lunch.

    to my neighbour....yes!! you officially have a neighbour-in-law! hahahaha...

  9. wedding bells?!!

    oii. leonnnn!!


  10. remember to bring hida to tyhe xmas lunch. Mamasan Agnes wants to initiate her properly into the family. *evil laughter*

  11. well in your post you mentioned abt your desire to get married in 2 yrs ...and then you talked about your new squeeze, hida...what is a second brother to do with all that info?? i heard wedding bells echoing through the emptiness that is my head....

    dong! dong! dong! dong!...

  12. oOokay..
    apparently feigning faint isn't working. damnnit.

    thannnnnks ah, leon..

    why do i get the feeling i'm gonna be hazed sui suiii at the xmas dinner?

    but really, it would be nice to meet you and agnes. =)

    *don't stressy, don't stressy*

  13. fel: so how does this work?

    first-cousin/neighbour-in-law to u?

    first-cousin/sister-in-law to rachel and sashi?

    *scratches head*

  14. Aiya Hida, I don't usually talk a lot during dinner. Noel is the noisy one! No need stress lah. U just come pretty pretty can already. Hahaha...I will wear my usual shorts and mickey mouse tshirt..Like an auntie going market...:p

  15. ooh!!

    agnes, thanks for the heads up on the dress code. was afraid i might end up being mistaken for the xmas tree. =(

    merry xmas y'all!!


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