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I like it wet!

It’s been raining and raining in Sunny Singapore! Where the hell did all that rain come from? Sure its awesome to sleep when it’s raining. Or even to pin your lover up against the window and do her from behind. That's a nice thought ain't it? But it’s a pain in the bloody ass to get to work and its even harder to head out and have a good time. Don’t even mention getting a taxi! Just when you complain that there are too many cabs on the road, they all disappear!

It ain’t funny when your kitchen is flooded and you can’t do a rats ass about it. The poor folks along Thomson road got it worse though. I passed by the nurseries
(Thomson Road) a short while ago and the sight that greeted me was far from funny. We saw two submerged taxis, damage to nurseries and a bunch of morons in BLUE doing nothing. Absolutely nothing!! Sure looks like it’s gonna be a wet Christmas. The best part about my job is that I’ll get to hear female customers say ‘I’m wet!’.

Before this gets out of hand…I
DO NOT and have NEVER wore my pajamas to work! In fact...I sleep in my boxers. And on some days, I sleep in the nude. Heh! Too much information!! What I did wear was a nice Abercrombie & Fitch shirt. And you know what guys?? I’m gonna wear that same shirt either on Thursday or Friday. Hmph!

Do drop by and visit
Enigma at Insomnia! They’re an awesome band and lots of good things are gonna come their way. So yea…my darling Nana fronts the band and she’s one of a kind! There isn’t anyone like her and you have to see her for the NANA experience. Brian entertains with his onstage antics and rocks the house with his vocals. Believe me when I say Brian is up and coming. Let’s not forget the Tommy Lee of Singapore. Ronnie is an amazing drummer that has both the bad boy looks and the style. I could go on and on about the band. But…I want you to check them out for yourselves. I’m pretty sure you’ll see Hida there. She digs Ronnie and Brian. Grrr…. Anyway, they perform from Wednesday to Monday at Insomnia. First set starts at 9.30pm!

I promised myself that I won’t write about work. I’m sorry but I can’t help myself!!! If you haven’t heard already…The Living Room is the place to be during Happy Hour. With one-for-one’s till 9pm, chill-out and enjoy your drinks at the classiest joint in town!

This dude with the backaches has gotta sleep. I’m gonna leave you with a couple of pictures taken at Bar None. I’ll let the pictures do the talking this time round. It should give you a rough idea of what we have in store for our Xmas Eve party. Enchanted it will be!


  1. Awww...

    You're SO sweet...

    But the band's name is Batteries Not Included (BNI)...

    Not Enigma, dearie... Three of the band members WERE with Enigma (me, Ronnie & Boy the keyboardist)... but not anymore... so I understand your mistake hehehe...

    Sorry can't make it to Bar None last night... Down with fever cos of the rain lah... Me resting at home cos tonight gotta work... no doubt I'll see you soon, sweets, don't worry...

    Btw, Hida's SO blardy CUTE!!!! LURVVE that gal of yours!!! She's welcome to Insomnia anytime!!

    And you, of course...

    *winks winks* LOL

  2. Batteries Not Included is truly amazing.

    and yes, the eurasian-looking male lead, Brian, is pretty hot. (check out the no. of drooling female groupies right IN FRONT of the stage man! they shd have a caution "slippery when wet" sign there.)

    and you nana, kecik kecik cili padi eh awak!

    noel: can i go and check them out again can i, can i, pls? promise i'll behave.


  3. all noel needs to do now is slick back is hair and we will have a Mafia Don in the making(based on the pics)

  4. hold on. i'm getting visuals.


    i'm sorry baby.. *wipes tears*
    you'll always be mmmmy Mafia Don k. muacks!

  5. haha...u look like a walking X'mas tree....weee...

    so much beautiful than MY X'mas tree in the Living Room...ahakz!

    peace out,dude!



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