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I'm still here...

Hello everyone!! Just a short post so that ya'll know I'm alive and kicking!!

Most of you would have received a sms from yours truly regarding my new job at Bar None. The replies I've gotten the past two days have been encouraging. For that, I Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Some of the replies were stuff like "It's about bloody time!!" and some were like "We knew this was gonna happen. Now you're gonna drink and work at your fav place!"

I started full-time with them on Monday and it's been one hell of an experience thus far. There's lots to learn and the best part is....It's all about booze!! How good can life get right? Well, it takes a whole lot more than that to become A.M of the best joint in Singapore. If you disagree, shove a sock in your mouth! *i'm kidding unless you really truly disagree*

Well..I hope to see everyone at Bar None or The Living Room soon. Till I see you, take care and god bless!! MUUUUAKS!!

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