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28 and counting...

Before I turn 28 tomorrow, here's a look at the past 28 years of my life!


  1. Happy Birthday in advance dear neighbour =)

    Have a great one!

  2. Advance cos it's not your birthday yet lar!
    But then again, it's our family tradition to celebrate for 3 days...sooo...


  3. Happy Birthday Bro.

    May the next 28 years be just as eventful.
    btw: you shoulda had more pics from your baby time,kindergarten,pri sch and all....

  4. Happy Birthday and may all ur brithday wishes come true!! Work hard and play hard! :-D

  5. Hey Leon and Agnes...thanks for the birthday wishes! Don't have many pictures from our childhood. Gotta ask mom for them. Probably bug her later in the day...

  6. (To be sung in the style of the late Marilyn Monroe.....)

    Happy birthday to you...
    Happy birthday to you...
    Happy birthday to dear Mr. Noel....
    Happy birthday to you.....

    MMMMUUUUAAAACCCCKKKKSSSS..... (sloppily, of course!!!)

    P/S: Please tell the whole of Bar None that I send my regards and I miss them whole lot!!!!

  7. Woohoohoo!! I like i like!!

    Sloppy kisses are always the best. Thanks sayang!! I'll convey your regards to the gang!!


  8. damn son! i have to say my dearest brother... some of those photos were quite enjoyable to look at.. i have to say u and long hair are a no go... ever ever again.. i know u liked and miss it but it was wrong.

    shaved is the way to go!!!

    oh and happy bday once again!!

    hug hug kiss kiss!


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