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It’s been 5 days since the last post! Time flies when you have a shit load on your mind. When I say shit load I really mean SHIT LOAD!

Next Monday starts my two weeks of in-camp-training. Meeting up with my old campmates will be a blast. It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve seen most of them. From what I hear, most of them are married. It’s a good thing since none of us are getting any younger. I on the other hand, have better things to fuss about.

I’ve got some advice for women…If you wanna know if your man is fucking around, smell his dick! Those were the wise words from a good friend of mine. She figures that if you suspect your man is cheating, all you have to do is to give him a blowjob the moment he walks into the house. Just when you go down on him, take a quick sniff. If you smell dried saliva or pu**y juice, he is guilty!!!

Here’s my take on her advice…If my future girlfriend/wife gave me a blowjob each time I walked into the house, I’ll never ever have an affair. It’ll be the best god damn thing to happen to Noel Boyd. Think about it…Every man is gonna rush home after work. Happy Hour is gonna have a whole new meaning.

On the topic of sex, I’ve got a good number of friends whom are married. 95% of these blokes claim that they have not had sex with their wives for months. 4 even claimed that it’s been years. The only time they had sex was when they were trying for babies. Sad don’t you think?

There’s been something that I wanna scream to the world about. It involves my career and I’m sure it’s gonna go down well with most of ya’ll. But, now isn’t the time. We’ll see how things go and I might post about it soon. And no…I’m not returning to the zoo nor am I opening a pub. Nor am I heading back to the events industry. The zoo and pub thing will happen somehow and someday.

My brother Leon is on annual leave today. We’re going to the Bird Park and likely meet up with the birthday boy once we’re done with KFC. The birthday boy is none other than my nephew Alden. I wonder what other colorful words he’ll learn at the age of 3.

In the next couple of days, I’ll post a The Perfect Attitude for the Perfect Man SPECIAL. Be sure to look out for it. Peace ya’ll!!


  1. why would a girl wanna taste some other girl's p***sy juice on her man's dick?!! that's the weirdest thing i've ever heard. haha!

    and i'm pretty sure guys will wipe themselves after. if they dont, then they really sont deserve a blow job then do they?

  2. hmm...ure supposed to sniff. and if u smell something else, bite him on his balls.

    this is the thing...wiping just doesn't do it. if ure gonna sleep around, you gotta shower. that's the only ure gonna get rid of evidence. hah! i love CSI ;)

  3. whoever telling u this, is just a crappy advice ok..
    noel, just keep to you men normal happy hour drinking in the pub okay...

    it wont change a bit,trust me...haha...if you guys are hoping still, you guys might just end up in the kitchen doing the dishes *wink *wink...and thats a surreal happy hour..with birds chirping ha ha ha....

    er...perfect attitude for perfect man..? sure put up some delicious pics. *smiles*

  4. people shouldn't miss the point...

    it's all about being really really good to your partner...

    in every way possible...



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