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Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson is hilarious in this short stand-up comedy act. He keeps a straight face too. Watch and enjoy folks!

ps: My thanks to Slash for this link =)


  1. Did u ever watch the full show? it rawks!!! hes brilliant in this!!
    great choice of vids bro

  2. nope...but i'm gonna download in just a bit. do you have it?

  3. i never liked the mr.bean character. but rowan as the stage actor, is a fuckin joy to watch. watched miami ink neighbour?

  4. Mr Bean is just wrong! And yes of cos i did! heheh

    Wow, that Shinji dood, fwah!

    Can we go to Japan now?

  5. heh! he's awesome but would cost a freakin bomb! we'll get inked by this dude in krabi next month k...he does it the traditional way too. and he's good too!

    we'll buy beer for him so we can get things cheaper!

  6. Oh so now we're back to Krabi? I get so confused with these plans!
    Oh just blindfold me and chuck me on the plane! I just need to get out of here!

  7. rowan atkinson is brilliant! ppl know him mainly from Mr Bean, but i feel his other work is even better!!


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