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How to Avoid Injuries in the Bedroom

Here's some tips on how you can avoid injuries in the bedroom!

1. Bruises
Whether you hit something or something hits you enough, your bound to get bruised. Use a icepack to reduce the swelling and a heat rub to heal the bruise. Take it easy and take breaks also.

2. Irritation
Always wash your hands with soap and warm water before conducting any form of sexual contact. Those germs from your hands can get onto or into you and your partners skin which can cause irritation or even worse could cause an infection. No one likes irritated skin!

3. Dryness
Slow everything down at the first sign of dryness. Use a water-soluble lubricant and change condoms if needed. Please remember that someone could end up getting pregnant here if you don't!

4. Bites
If you have been bitten, clean the wound with soap and water and apply antibacterial cream. An open wound is open to infection so it’s a good idea to get all bite marks cleaned up.

5. Scratches
You can use an over the counter scar treatment cream for healing scratches. Scratches can also lead to skin irritation or skin infection.

6. Sore Muscles
Doing any one thing for too long can give you muscle cramps. Make sure you get a good stretch in before starting any form of physical activity.

7. Headaches
Remember to relax your muscles in your head, neck, and shoulders while you're doing the dirty. Not doing so can lead to muscle soreness, headaches and muscle cramps. You can use over the counter medication for healing headaches.

8. Locked joints
Always remember to stretch before starting physical activity and apply ice to your joints if your joints start to lockup on you.

9. Rug Burn
Seriously, this can happen. In the case apply ice to your wounds. Like any other cut, there is a risk of skin irritation or infection if something were to get in the open wounds.

10. Penile Fracture.
I must repeat myself again, seriously this can happen!!! And it’s no fun if it does. If this happens you will notice immediately. Signs of a fracture will include some bleeding and extreme, intolerable, pain. Make sure you see a doctor as soon as possible, so don't let your pride stop you from being able to enjoy yourself in the future, or walk straight. You don’t want to let that pride get in the way of your everyday life!

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