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The Rainbow

Last night the ‘family’ met up at Suntec City for dinner. Carl’s Jr serves the best damn burgers in town. It’s a 100% American fast food joint. The burgers are the right size and the fries are done just right. I’m heading back there for dinner real soon! After dinner, we had drinks at Happy. I like the layout and ambience of the bar. It’s owned by local celebrity director Glenn Goei and partners. I guess you could say that most of it patrons are from the gay community and its a few steps away from Mox Cafe and Bar.

Along those lines, Singapore should have its own Gay Pride parade. Not sure if the authorities will allow it but it’s worth looking into. Anyone who thinks that gays are an outcast to society, need to look at themselves in the mirror. Same goes to those whom can’t imagine having a gay friend or having a drink with one.

Rouge was good as always last night. All it took was a couple of beers and 2 Guinness Drafts to get me going. I love to see Boy when he’s high. He’s full of smiles and laughs at just about anything.

Shashi is off to Kuala Lumpur for a football match and will be back on Sunday. We’ll probably have a nice and easy drinking session at Bar None.

I’m gonna chill out and watch cable and wait for my sista and neighbour to get back to Thomson. Have an awesome friday ya’ll…


  1. Everyone git down wit the rainbow!

    I'm happy you liked Happy dear neighbour! Seeya there next thursday? heheh ;)

  2. thursday sounds good. maybe bar none after that?

  3. Happy Bar? happy = gay = happy
    how clever!
    i love carl's Jr.thats my fav burger joint at the moment.

  4. exactly bro! it's a happy place. i thought they had a good crowd on thursday.
    carl's jr is awesome huh? i'm going back there to eat real soon.


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