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My Time Is Now

Once again the Tattooed Blog has seen some changes. Unless you’re suffering from a major hangover, you would have noticed that a new Tagboard is now up. For theme purposes, I’ve named it the Tribal Tag. Do make full use of it and please spare a thought for others before you hit the button.

I’ve thought long and hard over the past couple of weeks about my direction in life. If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you’ll know that I closed my event company in May. Lots of other nonsense has happened as well over the past couple of months. And yeah, I’ve been feeling like crap for a long time.

Something happened two days ago. I can’t quite explain because nobody will understand and few would believe. Anyway, I’m feeling so much better and I’m motivated to do what I do best. Get what I’m saying? I’ve decided that I’m gonna go full-time with my Voice Over career. We all have a gift in life and mine is my voice.

Frankly, I don’t enjoy listening to my own voice. It’s the support and praises that I’ve gotten since I picked up a microphone at the age of 16 that tells me so. My Demo CD of 8 tracks will be ready by the end of the month and will reach selected clients by the 1st week of September.

Last night, I made a pact with God. It’s something I’m willing to do with his guidance and strength. So here’s the deal... In return of the guidance and strength I seek from him, I’ll donate 30% of my monthly earnings to the Church of the Holy Spirit and the Children’s Society. It’s not much but both the church and the kids need the money more.

You know guys…I’m really counting on this to work. I can’t see myself doing anything else at the moment. This will be my return to the media industry and at the end of it…I’m gonna be the one smiling!

Thanks for reading folks!

(ps: I’ve added new links under the bloggers category. Eliana’s and Sabrina’s blogs are excellent reads. And there’s Joe’s blog cum website that I’m sure you’ll love…)


  1. good luck and all th best...good that u have make a pactwith HIM...

    May God bless you, dear!


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