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Leo Sexuality

Your sexuality is powerful. The solar fire of the Sun rules your nature, so your whole personality is dynamic and attractive to others. There is no shortage of those who long to bask in your solar warmth!

You do prefer to be the centre of attention in any situation and the bedroom mazurka is no different. You are open to any manner of sexual interaction that clearly demonstrates your own desirability and rightful place at the centre of things.

You are not really all that sexually imaginative, however, so a tryst or two with a flighty Sagittarian, or a sly Gemini, or an ardent Aries could awaken unsuspected sides of your sexuality. Having awakened, however, you are a strong and loyal lover, who is prepared to go as far as the road takes you, although you recoil from things which are personally degrading, or perceived to be beneath your dignity.

You are supremely loyal and protective, so long as your rulership is acknowledged by the rest of the pride, but you do require appropriate ego-massage.

Admirers should be aware of this need for ego-reinforcement. Ego-massage ("God, your lips are so gorgeous and your breasts drive me wild", or "Mmmm, your muscles are magnificent, so masculine") and vocal praise for performance (even, or especially, when not particularly warranted) will get anyone a long way with the Leo lover.

Anyone who wishes to make it with Leo must never undermine the leonine dignity, or they will surely suffer the claws of the cat.

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