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The Joakim Saga

I’m holding a copy of yesterday’s TODAY newspaper. Page 30 screams “FALLOUTBOY – Joakim Gomez Has Become The S’PORE IDOL CONTESTANT THAT EVERYONE LOVES TO HATE…WHAT’S BEHIND ALL THE MALICE?

Seriously, is anyone following Singapore Idol? Ok…That’s a dumb question. I do know of an asshole that chalked up hundreds of dollars worth of votes. The best part, the line is under this poor girl’s name. The only time I voted was for Taufiq in the finals (just so to make sure the ah-beng didn’t win).

The only person that deserves to be in the competition is Hady. This fellow can sing (a.k.a talent) and will do well in the nightlife industry. I understand he was or still is performing at Devils Bar. He’s got what it takes to front a band. We can’t say the same about the rest of the Idol hopefuls. However, I can picture Nurul sharing a stage with another vocalist.

Let’s talk about Joakim Gomez now. He does have his pool of fans. And that’s not because he sings well. He’s cute. That’s the bottom line. If he wasn’t cute, he wouldn’t have fans. He can’t sing to save his life and he dances like a moron on heat. In TODAY, he talks about walking into a fast food joint and got stares that said “we wanna kill you”. Come on dude! Did this happen in Singapore?? It’ll likely happen in Johor where Singaporeans stand out like a sore thumb. He goes on to say that his walking path has been spat on by the public. Drama to the max! This ain’t the fucking Sopranos for crying out loud!!

I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t dance. Occasionally, I do try when I’m drunk but it just doesn’t happen. I’ve tried singing before and for well being of those around me, I confined my singing to my bathroom. But, I know a good voice when I hear one. I know what makes money and what doesn’t. I sure as hell know where to spend my money when it comes to Live Bands. I wouldn’t pay a dime to listen to Joakim sing. Even if it’s for charity.

At the end of the day, SG Idol is all about looks. As long as the producers think you’re yummy for TV, they’ll throw you in. If you’ve had the opportunity to watch Malaysia Idol, Indonesia Idol and Philippine Idol, you’ll see that they have talented singers in their competition. Each and every one of them deserves to be on their stage.

But there have been exceptions. Look at people like Nana and Maia Lee from season one. They’re winners in their own right. Nana currently performs with Jive Talkin’ at Bar None and Maia has been doing her own thing with the media.

But, I don’t blame Singaporeans like Joakim for joining Singapore Idol. I blame the producers for giving us crap TV. We’re always far behind when it comes to local programming. Name me one freaking local English production that’s worth watching? With the exception of PCK and Hey Singapore! It’s been a long time since I've watched JUNK thanks to cable.

The TODAY articles concluded with Ken Lim commenting that since singing may not be Joakim’s forte, he could cut it as an actor or a host. And that folks, is advice that he should heed.

Yours truly,

The Tattooed Blogger


  1. I have a confession. I also voted for Taufiq cos I couldn't bear to see the Ah Beng win! Ssshhh don't tell people.

    Anyhoos, Singapore Idol is bullcrap. Talent? What talent?

    I say we change to name of the program to SINGAPORE IDLE instead.

    All in favour say 'CABLE SAVED MY LIFE'!

  2. well, well, shall i teach to dance, noel?...*wink*

    or shall i teach joakim...

  3. i have to stand up for joakim. seems like nobody in your blog supports him. he has talent and doesn't deserve to be part of this on-going slamming. the readers of will agree with wat i have to say. please spare a thought for others and think about their feelings. if he wasn't good, do you really think he'll be up there right now?

    on behalf of all the joakim supporters!

  4. Joakim can't sing. Joakin can't dance. period. full stop.
    Ohh, the rest of the contestant just as sux. SINGAPORE IDLE SUX!!!I love to watch it, just to annoy myself... WOooHoooo...

  5. Bro..nice write up there man. I feel you on that...we get crap TV and are so far behind. SG Idol is paaaaainful to watch....oooooouch!!

    We need to keep up with the ways we do commercials too man...uuuggghh!! Oh well...least we have cable :)

  6. Well well...what do we have here? A Joakim supporter!! Trust me when I say this. It’s all good. The boy needs all the support he can get. Lots of people won’t agree with my views. But most would agree that Singapore Idol is junk tv. My thanks to Jason for agreeing with me on this. It’s shit that doesn’t deserve the prime time slot. Seriously…name me a working adult that watches Singapore Idol regularly?

    Ok Joseph...the following comments are solely for you and the bandwagon of Joakim supporters. Which isn’t many by the way…I seriously doubt that anyone here supports Joakim. If any of my friends did, I would have slapped them silly. The only talent he seems to have is keeping his mouth shut. I would suggest you get your ears checked. Have you not heard him sing?? If you answered yes, then the rest of Singapore deserves to be on that stage.
    Please spare a thought for others?? I’m doing just that. I’m sparing a thought for all the people whom are stuck watchin channel 5 cos they don’t have cable. I did mention why he’s on that stage. LOOKS god damnit! Do yourself a fucking favour and watch Rock Star (Star World) in 10 mins. You’ll see real talent!!

  7. Last I checked, blogs were meant for PERSONAL thoughts and opinions.

    So Joseph, why the fuck should one 'spare a thought for others' while writing a blog??
    You obviously didn't before you decided to defend the sorry excuse for an Idol hopeful. Did you stop to think our feelings might be hurt knowing that someone might actually like Joakim? Didn't think so.

    Singapore Idle sucks donkey ballz and EVERYONE knows that's the truth.
    I've heard penguins sing better.

  8. May i interrupt??

    what is this a war-zone?!...

    Dear Mr Joseph, I may not be a regular watcher for SG idol...But really,I support yours truly says..It IS just offense,sir..
    and i believe this is no on-going slamming.the blogger just put up what his thoughts are..SG consists of million of residence so i reckon that Joakim is not the only one going thru this shit.
    to spare a thought,i guess there should not be any competition and make it a karaoke session live on tv instead..this idol thingy is just like a talentime in school days..
    and till then he is in the show due to all of the votes but does it mean he is good?...i doubt so...
    so mr joseph, i suggest u do not take this post personally due to u are one of the voters/supporters.
    take a chill break and have a kit kat instead and watch HI-5 at Kids Central... ; )


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