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Hey all...A short post to tell ya'll about this brand new site called Coolude. It's a Friendster, Myspace, Multiply and Hi5 account all rolled into one. It's everything you bloody need. That's how awesome this bugger is. It's simple to sign up and you can edit your profile page with a couple of easy steps.

See ya'll in Coolude real soon!


  1. as of 7.27pm, there's only 2 singaporeans on Coolude. Be the 3rd member now!

  2. wr got three?...only both of us....but it is more complicated...yet again..some pretty cute boys are there in it too...yummmmy

  3. As of 6.50pm, I am officially a Coolude member.
    As of 6.51pm, I officially have ONE friend.

  4. hahaha...funny la you. now, get your friends to join coolude. you're officially the 4th singaporean to be a member! weeeweeet! 2moro we party and celebrate!!

  5. Woohoo!!! Any excuse for a party eh! But 1st you have to get through 2nite!!

    Good luck neighbour!!! :D

  6. Why is the room always spinning?
    Why is the whisky always gone?


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