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Kittens, Puppets & Malaysia

Greetings from a very clean room. It's unbelievable how clean my room is...Finally I can open my windows!! It's been a year since they were open and it's a fantastic feeling. Now it's time for Felicia to clean her room. Chances are, it ain't gonna happen. Hah!

If you have a copy of the Today newspaper, you would have read an article about a new law in Malaysia. Under the new law, parents will have to think twice about naming their kids. Some of the names that won't be allowed are: Hitam (black), Putih (white) and Ah Gong (reckon this means stupid). This whole thing is just plain weird. Oh well, it's MALAYSIA!

I'll probably post pictures of the Boyd's residence Kittens by tomorrow. All 3 look alike and I've got no fucking idea where the fourth furball is. A mystery waiting to be solved. Hear that Leon Boyd?

I've got an audition with Disney on Thursday. Thankfully, it's a VO (voice-over) audition and we'll do a couple of characters as well. As always, I enjoy auditioning with Disney especially since I grew up watchin their classics.

On the topic of auditions, I remember auditioning with the Jim Henson Company when they were in Singapore a couple years back. I was still with Fly Entertainment and they sent me for a try out. Now, I've never worked with puppets in my life and I sure wasn't a puppeteer. I was told to give each of the puppets a character. We're talking about 8 puppets! Things started fine till I ran out of ideas. What was supposed to be a children's show soon turned into a puppet orgy. Puppets started liking each other and in less than a minute, the puppets were smooching and humping. Needless to say, I didn't get the gig.

Now I'm back to watchin Sesame Street and it's great to know that my nephew Alden loves the show. Who doesn't right?

I'm gonna sign off now...Look out for pictures of the kittens in the next post! Meoooow!


  1. The Kittykatlets are gorgeous!! They are on my avatar now! And I have dubbed them My Mew Neighbours! :D

    And gimme some credit will ya? I will get down to the whole cleaning business!! Eventually!!
    I give myself till the end of the year, if not you can come start that little fire you always wanted to start..howzat?

    And good luck with the audition neighbour!


  2. good luck with the audition big brudder.

  3. "I'll probably post pictures of the Boyd's residence Kittens by tomorrow. All 3 look alike and I've got no fucking idea where the fourth furball is. A mystery waiting to be solved. Hear that Leon Boyd?"

    How come I always get the crappy jobs to do?:P
    but now that we got rid of Halia and have Jadi and her kitties in the box...then what? we are gonna leave them in there??

  4. Neighbour, whatever you do, please do not send them to SPCA!

    We all know the cruel fate that awaits...

    Nehiiiii! Nehiii!!!

  5. i guess we are all stuck between a rock and a hard place. the cats dun belong in our home, but doubt they will be able to survive outside our home. a hard choice to have to make. but we cant keep feeding and letting them treat our home like a rubbish dump. anyone who wants to know what they can do only has to go up to the storage area outside Noel's room to take a whiff and witness the carnage the cats caused to under stand our dilemma

  6. it's a good thing my room is always nice smelling. here's a secret...i spray my room everyday with either 'Burberry Touch For Women' or with 'Nina Ricci - Love in Paris'. It's a fetish that my rooms smells like a lady. what can i say? hee....


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