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It’s been too fucking long duncha think? The last post was 16 days ago. Quite frankly, I do not have a good enough reason. I’ve been way too lazy. What can I say?? Besides selling off D.Storm’s stuff, I’ve been lazing my ass at home. Meeting up with the boys for beers when possible and watching the world cup.

England hasn’t been too impressive and I seriously hope they get better. Oh well, even Brazil isn’t playing up to the expectations. Both teams will either improve in the final 16 or get their asses whooped out of the tournament. Talking bout asses, these Brazilian chicks sure get my hormones going…

Not just the lovely Brazilians but also the Mexicans babes. Most of ya’ll already know that I’m a sucker for tanned chicks. The Malay chicks in Singapore fall under the same category. Those sexy tanned legs are to die for and they sure are well endowed. If you’re at the hospital as often as I am, Malay nurses in uniform always make me feel better. I guess I’m gifted to be living in Asia. Every where I turn, I see a nice tanned chick. In Singapore, it’s the Malays. In the Philippines, the women are unbelievably sexy. Thailand is loaded with sexy women too...I LOVE ASIA!!

Before I sound like a deprived male, let’s change the topic. Lets talk about Shamsul Maidin. He’s the closest thing we’ll ever have to getting to the World Cup. Fuck GOAL2010. Thanks just a dream. One big dream in an ever bigger bubble! Shamsul has refereed three matches so far. He’s the first official to do so in this World Cup. That says a lot doesn’t it? He followed his dream and work helluva hard to get this far. I reckon this could make a good movie. He is and will be a good role model for the muslim community. Kudos to Shamsul Maidin!!

I’m gonna put up a couple of pictures on this blog (in the next couple of days). I bet guys will love these pics. Hopefully the gals too…It’s women with tattoos. Drool!!!

I’m outta here....Enjoy your Thursday and get please get laid by Saturday!

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