Oct 3, 2009

SOL Beer Event

Here are a good few pictures of the event I did at Zouk on Wednesday night. I have been working SOL represents Mambo for the last eight months and it's been a blast each and every time. I'll like to thank Angelic Nora and Shyanne for working alongside me. I'll also like to thank Zoosh Pte Ltd and Asia Pacific Breweries....

Karen, the lady in gold.

Here's me body painting Vincent.

Airbrushing at the entrance of Zouk.

The SOL Patrol

From left to right: Mathhew (the guy that gave me a hangover), Karen, Irvin & myself.


  1. Shyanne: Yeah man! You should missed buckets of SOL beer!!!

    Angelina: Her name is Karen =)

  2. Thanks Clare. It's the best type of body paint I've worked with. It's by Global.


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