Apr 26, 2017

Chops Grill & Sides – The XXL Meat Platter

It's the platter I've heard so much about! Located near the Ang Mo Kio Community Library (next to Courts), is a stall in a coffeeshop that's got meat lovers going bonkers. My buddy Desmond was the one that asked if we could eat here based on an article he read. Considering it's $59.90 for the XXL Platter you see below, all of us said YES!

The platter feeds 6 to 8 people so we each paid roughly $10 each. Freaking affordable right? It consisted of 6 meats & 10 hot sides/cold salads. The meat...Ribeye steak, Half rack spice BBQ baby-back ribs, norwegian salmon, grilled cajun chicken, fried breaded fish & grilled garlic pork collar. The sides...mash potato, mac & cheese, shoestring fries, garlic fried rice, aglio olio and potato & egg salad, cherry tomatoes, tuna salad, coleslaw and romaine lettuce.

How was the food? Damn bloody good! I highly recommend you pay them a visit. If you're having an office or house party, they have a party menu too!

Chops Grill & Sides is open 7 days a week from 11am to 10pm @  727 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, Singapore 560727.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/chopssg/
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Apr 25, 2017

GHOST WATCH : Pasir Ris Park Suicide Tower

This is by far the best episode I've produced since I started my paranormal show 4 years ago. It has back to back action, a story and most importantly paranormal activity. This would not have been possible without mm2 Entertainment. Very few understood the impact mm2 would have on this new web series. It is so good that I have paranormal investigators from all over the world wanting to be on the show. Even someone who backstabbed my family years ago reached out to ask if he can be on the show. Imagine that!

We are pushing boundaries with each episode we do. We are doing stuff that has never been done before in this country. Not to sound arrogant, we've set the standards for the other paranormal teams in Singapore.

Well...I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

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Apr 18, 2017

Alive Museum Closing on 31st May 2017, $10 Special Admission

Bad news first. In less than 50 days the Alive Museum at Suntec City Mall will officially close it's doors. The good news is from now till 30th May, admission tickets are going at a special discounted rate of $10 nett (both adult and children)!

So head on down and take fun photos with your loved ones and friends with more than 80 hand painted art pieces in the 10,000 sq.ft. gallery. From what I've seen on Instagram, these 3D effect art pieces look awesome.

Help us please 😝🌊🌊 #ancolalive #alivemuseum

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Pretty 'Intense' Throwback #tgif#alivemuseum

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用Dη…ε­ε£ζ°΄ζ΄—δΈ‹ι ­ε…ˆπŸ¦πŸ’†πŸ½ #alivemuseumsingapore

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If you are going in a group of 20 pax or more, the management of Alive Museum will give you additional complimentary tickets as token of appreciation for your kind support. For more information, please visit alivemuseum.sg.

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Apr 7, 2017

GHOST WATCH: Changi Beach

I've uploaded a new GHOST WATCH episode on the Ghost Files Singapore YouTube channel. In this episode, we investigate a quiet stretch near carpark 7. This area has long been known to be haunted. So the question is...who or what is haunting this place?

Join Gabrielle and I along with our special guest Michael Kline as we can conduct this not to be missed paranormal investigation. Watch the episode at this link: https://youtu.be/uJs3Savz92Y
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Apr 6, 2017

Testing out the Bloggeroid App

If you blog, you'd know that there isn't a good app for blogging. The official Blogger app by Google is horrible and everything else seems to be littered with bugs.

So I'm testing this app called Bloggeroid. If it's good, I'll start blogging again. Especially on my long bus rides.

Hopefully this awesome photo of the Ghost Watch team shows up on this post!

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Jan 3, 2017

Best Photo Booth in Singapore

For our party on New Year's Eve, we hired the services of Tiny Photo LLP. We needed a fun photo booth where our guests could dress up if they chose to and most importantly bring home a nice souvenir. After all, what better way to remember an occasion than a photograph right?

Belinda and Desmond from Tiny Photo LLP arrived an hour before our event started and their booth set-up was done quickly! Talk about hassle free! They brought a lot of props too. Really fun stuff like the Hulk hands, wigs, inflatables, hats and even this cool native Indian headgear.

As you can tell from the photos below, I took a lot of photographs! Camwhore much...


 LMAO! Check out my fringe! HAHAHAHAHA!

Another awesome thing worth mentioning is Tiny Photo uploads the photos to their Facebook Page after an event. That's useful if you want your photos saved to your computer or mobile device. 

Besides 4R prints, you can opt for business card sized prints or film strips. For my event, I chose to have two photos on a 4R. Figured that would be the best option. Well, everyone loved them. Oh I must stress that the photos were instant! We got them seconds after we took each photo. Ain't that awesome?

To book Tiny Photo for your kickass party, please visit their website www.tinyphoto.com.sg. You'll love them! 100% guranteed plus chop!
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Dec 3, 2016

The New Paper, Capitol Piazza

The New Paper has rebranded themselves and they are looking better than ever! Not only do readers get more content, it's now free islandwide. I was on hand to emcee the event at Capitol Piazza on Thursday and Friday.

Thanks for having me Think Ads and Singapore Press Holdings!

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Writing Again...

I'm trying to get back to blogging. It shouldn't be difficult but somehow it is. There's tons of things I want to write about but the words just ain't coming out right.

I'm pretty sure it'll happen soon but you just need to bare with me for a bit! ✌

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Nov 22, 2016

The Garden Bar by Sunset Bay

It's been slightly more than two months since we've opened The Garden Bar. Do come by for drinks at great prices and good food. We have pizzas, some western delights and Eurasian fare such as Devil's Curry and Oxtail Stew.

For directions and more information, visit our website at www.sunsetbay.sg.

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Ghost Watch - Coming Soon

Yes a new paranormal show is coming your way. Stay tuned to this blog and www.gfs.sg for updates.

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Jun 30, 2016

Laugh Die You: The Karaoke (SINGAPORE)


That's right! Malaysia’s best-selling comedy hit “Laugh Die You – The Karaoke” is coming to Singapore on 9th and 10th July! Audiences can expect nothing less than three hours of brilliant comedy as the best of Malaysian and Singaporean stand-up comedians pit against each other.

Representing Malaysia in this epic comedy production is femme extraordinaire stand-up comic, Joanne Kam. Her acid-tongue humour will be challenged by Singapore’s effervescent Kumar, who needs no introduction for his irreverent, no-holds- barred comedic genius. 

With the two queens battling it out with all their comedic might of fierce Malaysia vs Singapore bashing jokes and insults, this verbal shootout will be moderated by the inimitable funnyman Gurmit Singh, who made Phua Chu Kang an iconic household name. Not only are the Singapore audience in for some side-splitting laughter, they will also witness the debut of Singh’s highly anticipated new alter ego: the turbaned, twisted- moustached and chest-haired Hero Singh. A law-abiding security guard who is eccentric, flamboyant and loud, it turns out that Hero Singh can also actually…wait for it…sing!

Tickets on sale now: S$375 (PLATINUM), S$169 (VIP), S$137 (GOLD), S$105 (SILVER) S$73 (BRONZE)

Get your tickets on the ShakaPass iOS app and use "sptoldy" to get 10% off tickets!!!
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Jun 29, 2016

An Amazing Tattoo

This tattoo is just amazing. Am loving the ultra fine details. 

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Jun 16, 2016

The Truth About Christian Csermak and Marc Uthay

These two men, Christian Csermak and Marc Uthay, from Germany still owe me US$1000.00. Why should I blog about this? They've owed me this compensation money since 2014 after I assisted them in starting a business in Singapore. It's been two years and I've not received a cent. Is this fair? NO!

Please do not do business with these two men and please do not order anything from www.lensza.co.id. This is the business I assisted them with.

Christian Csermak (first from right)

Christian Csermak and Marc Uthay

The company Lensza

Marc Uthay

The message from Christian Csermak in June 2014

I will do everything in our power to ensure that they cannot do business in Singapore and Indonesia. If you are a social media influencer or have the ability to reach out to friends and loved ones, I plead with you to share this post. Do not do it because you pity me but do it so your followers will not make the same mistake I made. Do it to prevent Christian Csermak and Marc Uthay from making use of a fellow Asian. Do it to prevent foreigners from taking advantage of us Asians.
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May 23, 2016

Fun Team Building Workshop in Singapore

PRESS RELEASE: Corporate Fun Day Out by Noel Boyd and Sunset Bay Singapore

Sunset Bay and Noel Boyd (host of television series Reelity Showdown) have launched a fun team building workshop that enhances the core values of teamwork. This team building workshop, Corporate Fun Day Out, inspires, challenges and motivates participants to be the very best they can be. Think of it as a day out by the beach with engaging games and challenges that cultivates leadership values that's rooted in all of us.

The Corporate Fun Day Out includes a scrumptious lunch buffet, motivators in the 8 Point Garden Challenge and fantastic add-ons such as personalized t-shirts and prizes.

With a low minimum of 20 participants, this program is ideal for SMEs and larger corporations. For more information, please call +65 8587 0068 or email contact@noelboyd.com and sunbay1300@gmail.com.

Sunset Bay Garden Bistro
1300 East Coast Park
(Carpark F2)
Singapore 468964
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