Sep 9, 2015

My Apology to Dr. Chee Soon Juan

I will start this post by saying that I didn't like Dr. Chee Soon Juan some years ago. I did blog about this but have since deleted the post. In that post, I called Dr. Chee a 'disease'. Trust me when I say I regret the name calling. I feel so bad about it! If I could turn back time, I would have been a little more mature about this nonsensical and brutal game called POLITICS.

For starters, I do regret being brainwashed by the media. Like most of us, I've chosen not to believe everything the press says. Especially when it's mostly one sided like we see here in Singapore. More so when it comes to the elections. If you do not see what many of us see, then you are probably biased. Agreed?

Aside from the late Lee Kuan Yew, I have never been captivated by a local politician. I've tried listening many a times to the many ministers that are paid millions of dollars but it was more of a snooze fest. They blab on and on but there isn't a driving force nor substance. Nothing made me go YES YES YES YES. Take the recent National Day Rally for example. The one and only part I watched was the very talented Kit Chan in the beginning.

Hold up. Please allow me to sidetrack for a bit. There are some of you that remember that I volunteered with the People's Action Party during the last G.E. So it's not astonishing that I've very recently heard that I've been called traitor and some not very unpleasant names. I am allowed to have a change of mind/heart no? I am allowed to wake up and smell the roses especially after the recent demons I've faced in my life right? Fact is I would love a political party that admits their mistakes. Apologize when you have done something wrong and promise the people that it will be rectified. Don't beat around the bush because the citizens don't deserve that. Don't pretend that you are always right when nobody is. This isn't and should not be a communist country. But it sure does feel like one!

It is only when one hits rock bottom that they wake up and realize what's happening around them. You will never understand unless you have walked in my shoes. For the record, the only reason why I volunteered with the PAP is because of Inderjit Singh. Residents here know how much he has done for the people. This is one man that I've got tremendous respect for. While I do not know his predecessor Henry Kwek, he came by the house the other day and showed my parents a lot of compassion. For that I thank him.

Moving on...There are so many issues that Singaporeans are unhappy with. I know we aren't a country to organize a mass protest but if you can complain on and on at a kopi session, then you know what you should do. Complaining doesn't make a problem go away. Action does! That's all it takes from a person. An action creates a solution ladies and gentlemen.

Back to Dr. Chee. I wish this wasn't an elections for the various parties. I wish this was an election for the next Prime Minister (that's something we don't have but we can vote for a president that is as useful as my pubic hair). Why can't Singaporeans vote for the most important job in Singapore? Should we not have a say as to who our future leader is? It certainly should not be a 'hand me down' leadership.

Dr. Chee has captivated Singaporeans from all walks of life. It's evident from the strong turnout at all the SDP rallies and the number of views on YouTube. In fact, I saw someone watching Dr. Chee's speech at Raffles Place when I was at East Coast Park last night.

To Dr. Chee Soon Juan, I apologize for the harsh post which I wish I could take back. Since I do not own a time machine, I can promise you one thing. You have my firm and unwavering support in whatever you do. I sincerely feel and hope that this genuine post from the heart is worthy enough as one of many apologies that I owe you. Keep the dream alive and keep fighting for everything you believe in.

I will end this post with the two videos I shared on Facebook recently and a video from SDP's anniversary dinner.

ps: I do know that there is a high chance that my blog will be spammed by pro PAP comments because well, I was involved in the last G.E. Let's keep this fair shall we?
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Possible meteor sighting over Thailand

On the morning of 7th of September 2015, various vehicles dashcams recorded what looked like a meteor falling over Thailand. These videos show a remarkable fireball over the Nonthaburi area of Bangkok...

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The Lee Hsien Loong and Goh Chok Tong Meme

I couldn't resist creating this meme after I saw this photograph on Yahoo! News. LOL!

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Aug 28, 2015

The Noel Boyd Company

I'm back doing what I do best! It's something that feels so right. Well for starters, it's called 'The Noel Boyd Company'. What does it do? Events management of course! Social media services too. The ideal plan is to merge both events management and social media so that clients get the best of both worlds.

Visit the revamped website by clicking on this link:

It would be great if you could like the Facebook page. It's growing by the day!

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Jul 26, 2015

Hulk Hogan Racist Comments: My View

I've read the comments Hulk Hogan made in the infamous sex tape. I have never been a big Hulk Hogan fan but I have a lot of respect for him. After all he has done a lot for the pro-wrestling industry. 

I highly doubt Hogan meant a word he said. I have heard people say worst stuff. In fact the 'N' word is used a lot. Even here in Singapore. I personally don't use it because I know it's offensive. 

Another word that is used a lot is 'fag' and that's offensive to the LGBT community. There are other offensive words too but none come to mind at the moment. 

I sincerely hope this incident will pass soon for the Hulkster. What are your thoughts? 
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Jul 22, 2015

Zhong Huan Steamboat Review

A week ago, my friends and I visited the newly opened Zhong Huan Steamboat at Jalan Kuras. Situated next to Giant Express, this new steamboat restaurant is buffet style that serves a good mixture of meat, seafood and vegetables. And hey, it's always nice to have a new eatery in my neighbourhood!

They have a fantastic selection of soups to choose from. We ordered Herbal Chicken soup and Tom Yam. Will try their Mala the next time.

Since its a buffet, we were given an order sheet to choose what we want. We ordered fresh oysters, cuttlefish, prawns, beefballs, fishballs, crabs and lots more!

I love their fried chicken wings! I ordered this dish three times! Am actually craving for it now... :(

We loved their service. The staff were extremely helpful and as we Singaporeans say "on the ball". They were all smiles too. Their bosses must be doing something right! We'll definitely be back very very soon.
Zhong Huan Steamboat is open daily from 5.00pm to 2.00am. Visit them at 14 Jalan Kuras.

Price on weekdays (Monday to Thursday)
Adult: $22.90 nett
Child: $11.90 nett

Price on weekends (Friday to Sunday, Public Holiday Eve and Public Holiday)
Adult: $24.90 nett
Child: $13.90 nett
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Jul 15, 2015

Update: F the Belly Update

Hey everyone! I've stopped exercising for a few days because I was unwell. I would feel dizzy either when I woke up or sat up from a chair. I experience chest pains too. That totally freaked me out!

However I felt better today so I went for a short jog. I'm still determined as a bull to lose the belly and most importantly, to be in the best shape of my life.

I met my buddy Benedict at the nearby Bishan Park for the jog and then did some light cardio at Lower Peirce Reservoir. The view of the sunset while working out was amazing!

I don't know how I will feel tomorrow but rest assured that I'll be working out if I'm well.
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Jul 14, 2015

Follow me on Instagram

Instagram is the social media platform I'm most active on so follow me! You'll see posts like this...

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Jul 10, 2015

Day 2: F The Belly Challenge

I know that the mind is the greatest tool but I failed today. Instead of going for a night run, I ended up boozing with my neighbour Bernard.

The only plus point is I've found out about the fitness corner at the nearby park. I knew there was one but I never realized how conducive it would be. 

Am gonna work on the stations at the park tomorrow and will post pics. It will be awesome! 

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Jul 8, 2015

Day 1: F The Belly Challenge

Today is day one of my F The Belly challenge. My belly has grown so big that I need to do something now or never take a below the chest photo again.

It's gonna take a lot of discipline and determination but I know I can do it. So stay tuned for updates because this will be an epic journey! #FtheFATS
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Jul 3, 2015

WWE Diva Paige

I'm a huge fan of WWE diva Paige because she's real. There's no pretense. What you see is what you get! And hey, goth chicks are hot!

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Jun 28, 2015

My Bintan Lagoon Resort Review

It's been over a year since I last visited Bintan Lagoon Resort. My third visit to this resort was over a week ago. Yes I love this place! What's there not to love? Here are five reasons why I love Bintan Lagoon Resort!

1) It is less than an hour away from Singapore.
2) The staff are awesome! Extremely friendly and ever so helpful.
3) There are heaps of outdoor activities one can do!
4) The owner of the resort, Moe, is an amazing man!
5) The food rocks! I love three restaurants in particular. Rice (restaurant by the beach that serves awesome steaks), Miyako Japanese Restaurant (love their wagyu beef) and Orzo (Italian food is heaven. Period!).

For the rest of this post, I'll let the photographs do the talking...

We were welcomed in style at the ferry terminal...

Am digging the red lanterns at the resort's lobby. Nice touch guys!

This is my room. It's the Floral Villa Suite. It's so so so nice!!!!

Had this comfortable bed all to myself! Shiok to the max!

The bathtub with in-built Jacuzzi features.

The patio cum balcony.

The owner of the resort, Moe Ibrahim, left me this nice card.

Billy Berry accompanied me on this trip!

Look for her when you are in Bintan!

My favourite beer, Bintang!

Here's Bintang again. This time, in a tower.

The steaks at Rice is so good! This photo doesn't do it justice but I'll take a better one tomorrow.

I love the bar at Rice!

That's Moe in the middle. Next to him is Don from the Flying Dutchman's bar...

This is how you eat an awesome burger!

The amazing view of the golf course from Haskell's Cafe

Loved the Gado Gado at Haskell's Cafe

Spaghetti! Yummos!


It was a cloudy day but we had fun at the beach.


Billy rocking the jet ski like a pro!

Direct ferries to Bintan Lagoon Resort will resume in mid July! 

We spent the second evening chilling by the pool...

Had Fish n' Chips by the pool!

I'll be back in Bintan Lagoon Resort tomorrow with my team for a short retreat. Do look out for my '10 fun things to do in Bintan Lagoon Resort' post next week!
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