Noel Boyd

Blogger, Emcee & TV Host.

Noel Boyd

Blogger, Emcee & TV Host.

Noel Boyd

Blogger, Emcee & TV Host.

Noel Boyd

Blogger, Emcee & TV Host.

Noel Boyd

Blogger, Emcee & TV Host.

Jul 30, 2014

Momma Kong Review

Even my seafood allergies couldn't keep me away from Momma Kong's. I've read a lot of positive reviews about this restaurant and a good friend of mine raves about the food. Singaporeans are crazy about chilli crab after all. I had two questions on my mind... Who is Momma Kong and how good are her crabs?

So when I was invited to review Momma Kong's, i found myself waking up excited on a lazy Sunday morning. I just told a small lie. I woke up with a hangover, stared at my phone calendar then I got excited after seeing the review reminder on my calendar. Yep!

Let's get down to the review...

The Restaurant

I expected the restaurant to be big. What I got instead was a small intimate area. That's awesome! I dislike big restaurants. My mindset is the smaller the restaurant, the better the service. More about the service later... Momma Kong's has a computer station that allows patrons to surf the web. If you have kids with you and they are being a handful, you know where to send them. Problem solved thank you very much!

The Food

Tofu Chips - $6
These Tofo Chips are less sinful than french fries but they taste so good! I love the homemade sambal belacan too. It's got the right level of hotness!

Pan Seared Scallops - $14
I could taste the freshness of the scallops with the first bite. These babies are topped with crispy bacon and served with asparagus.

Grilled Squid - $14
You have no idea how much I love squid. The good folks at Momma Kong's have got this dish spot on! It's so yummy. OMG! Just thinking about this dish makes me drool...

Crab Bee Hoon Soup - $38
I've never been a soup person so it would do justice if I rate this dish. What I can tell you the soup is milky and it's served with rice noodles.

Red Chili Crab - $38
This is Singapore's favourite crab dish. The almighty Chili Crab! Momma Kong's version isn't spicy. Instead the sauce has a certain sweetness to it which would suit any palate. 

Fried Mantou - $3
What is a crab feast without mantou? Just so you know, Momma Kong's serves steamed and fried mantou. Aren't the buns pretty? Well they aren't just pretty. They taste really good too! It's $3 for a set of two.

Black Pepper Crab - $38
This was my favourite dish of the night! I loved everything about this dish. It had the right amount of pepper, the crab was fresh and the sauce was worth dying for!

The Service

I love the attentive service at Momma Kong's. The servers greet with a smile and they are pleasant to talk to. If you dread shelling your crabs, you'll be glad to know that they will do it for you. It'll cost you $10 but you'll have clean hands. How awesome is that?!


Get this, there are people making reservations for 2015. Imagine that! Please call 6225-CRAB(2722) or visit Chope.

Islandwide Delivery

What do you do if you can't get a reservation? Get their awesome food sent to you of course! Momma Kong's has teamed up with FoodPanda so you can order via the FoodPanda app. Visit for more information.

Jul 21, 2014

Guide to Choeung Ek Killing Fields in Phnom Penh

I have been staring at my screen for the past hour wondering how to write this post. How do I fit my emotions into words? I will do my utmost best and hopefully you will understand how I felt on the 17th of July 2014.

I knew visiting Choeung Ek, otherwise known as the Killing Fields, would be emotionally draining. It is the site where more than 20,000 men, women and children were brutally executed. These innocent people were executed by their own kind. Yes. Cambodians killed Cambodians. And get this. The mass graves at Choeung Ek are just 129 of 20,000 that have been found by researchers!

The entrance fee to Choeung Ek is US$6.00 per adult. This entrance fee includes an excellent self-guided audio tour which is available in 15 languages. I do not know how it sounds in other languages but the English version was well done. I could hear the pain in the man's voice each time he spoke about the Khmer Rouge regime.

The first thing that hit me when I entered the gates of Choeung Ek is the sadness that hangs in the air. As I walked around the mass burial site, I learnt how the victims were killed. While some were shot in the head, others were deemed unworthy of a bullet so they were killed by other means. Some had their throats slit open while the rest were bludgeoned to death with weapons such as axes, changkols and hammers.

This commemorative stupa is filled with the skulls of the victims...
This display contains recently found fabric and bone fragments. Each time it rains, some fabric and bone fragments do surface. To me, it's like as though mother nature is helping the deceased to be found.

Pictured here are shorts that belonged to a child.

As many of you know, I am a paranormal investigator on a web TV show. I hear voices more than I see things that ordinary people don't. As I was approaching this mass grave, I thought I heard children laughing. Mind you, I had my audio tour headphones on. My initial thought was "Don't these parents know how to control their kids in a place like this". I removed my headphones and looked around. While I heard soft laughter again, there were no children in the area! Then I realized what this mass grave was. It was a grave for women and children.

People from around the world have hung bracelets and friendship bands on the poles.

I broke down at this tree. The Khmer Rouge would slam the heads of infants on this tree to break their skulls. 

Thousands of skulls are on display in the stupa. 

Words cannot describe what I think of the Khmer Rouge regime and their leader Pol Pot. Between 1.7 to 2.5 million Cambodians died between 1975 to 1979. How is this even right?! What was the world doing while this genocide was taking place?

I urge you to visit Choeung Ek and the S-21 Prison when you visit Phnom Penh. Only then will you truly realize what the Cambodians have gone through and why they are still struggling till this day.

My Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 Condolences

I would like to convey my condolences to the loved ones of passengers and flight crew on Malaysian Airlines flight 17. Regardless who did it and the reason behind it, it was a needless violent act. I cannot begin to imagine what the family members and friends of the victims are going through.

I would like to also offer my condolences and love to people of Malaysia. Every once in awhile, a nation is tested and I'm very sure Malaysia will come out of this stronger than before.

Stay safe everyone and please remember to tell the people that matter most that you love them. You'll never know what tomorrow may bring.

Jul 19, 2014

My Phnom Penh Trip in a Nutshell

How do I summarize Cambodia, more particularly Phnom Penh, in a single blog post? It's a lot harder when I have to write about the Choeung Ek Memorial (The Killing Fields). I'm still not sure what to say but be sure to read about my thoughts and experience at Choeung Ek. I feel this particular location deserves a post of it's own. Please check back soon to read about it...

Landing at Phnom Penh International Airport

I did not know what to expect when I arrived at Phnom Penh International Airport. Travel websites and shows will only tell you so much. Most of the time, these publications will showcase the best of a country and for good reason too. For example, a television show would likely need to work closely with the country's tourism board. Which tourism board in their right mind would allow the production crew to film something negative about their country?

So do forgive me for landing in Phnom Penh with an open mind. It's better to have an open mind right? Well I must say the international airport is decent. I was thankful they had aerobridges! I have been to countries in Southeast Asia which do not have aerobridges and the heat that greets you as you disembark from the plane is comparable to being slapped by a furnace. Anyway, I cleared custom and immigration in under 15 minutes. That's awesome in my books! They have an impressive duty free store located in departure too.

What to do in Phnom Penh?

Visit an orphanage

This is one of the most rewarding things you could do in Cambodia! There are many spread out over the country so I guess you can say you are spoilt for choice? These orphanages are home to children that have either lost their parents through diseases such as H.I.V or their parents simply cannot afford to care for them. Proverty is amazingly high in this beautiful country! If you are visiting an orphanage, please consider purchasing items such as rice, art supplies, clothes and hygiene products such as toothpaste and soap. If you do not have time to shop or want to avoid the insane baggage fee airlines charge, you may donate money. Every cent goes a long way in ensuring these innocent children are fed and well looked after.

The orphanage

A classroom in the orphanage

The children are lining up for lunch. A simple headcount is done before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

This is KaoLee. He is 21 years old and he calls the orphanage home. He dreams of being a diplomat someday. I know he will achieve his dreams because this young man studies very hard and he is determined to succeed.

These boys are absolutely adorable!!!

Eat street food!

CAUTION! Eat at your own risk! I always eat at street stalls wherever I go. Not even food posioning, which I got in India and Indonesia, can and will stop me. I think of myself as a somewhat daredevil when it comes to food. In Phnom Penh, I ate Kuy Teav - a steaming bowl of Cambodia’s noodle soup, Num Kachay - small chive cakes and Nom Pang - a delicious baguette stuffed with minced pork, pickles, fresh salad and slices of ham. I wish I had pictures to show you but my GoPro camera was stolen by hooligans. Yup!

Visit the market

The narrow pathways in this market near Angkor International Hotel is always bustling. I have never seen a busier market! Not only will you find lots of people on the pathways, motorcyles are on it too. Welcome to market mayhem v.1.0! The slow moving human traffic allows you to take in the sights of  barbecued meat (mostly pork) on sale along with fresh fruits and vegetables, live seafood, poultry, etc.

See what I mean? It's people and machines on the pathway.

It's vegetables and seafood side by side...

The darker colored fish were wriggling...

Fresh fruits anyone?

Notes: 1) I don't see the need to recommend a hotel in Cambodia. There are plenty of hotels to choose from and you can great deals at But if I had to recommend one, it's Angkor International Hotel. It's near the market where you can get awesome street food and the Royal Palace is within walking distance.

The Royal Palace

2) Theft is a serious problem in Cambodia. Your tuk tuk driver and hotel will remind you not to use your phone when you are out because hooligan on motorcycles would ride by and grab whatever you are holding. Like I mentioned above, my camera bag was snatched right off me while I was on a much slower motorcycle. I lost my camera and cash! Booohooooo!

3) It's best to have US currency on you while in Phnom Penh. While the Cambodian riel is still in use, you'll find prices displayed in US dollar. Even the ATM's dispense US currency.

Jul 5, 2014

Singapore's $10000 Note

This piece of news has been popping up on AsiaOne for the past two days...Singapore is axing the $10,000 dollar bill. 

It doesn't affect myself nor most of the Singaporeans that I know. Imagine trying to buy a meal at the coffeeshop with this note. You'll probably get bitch slapped by the hawker. Meh!