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I stopped ordering my name cards online because of a bad experience with a vendor two years ago. Long story short, this vendor who I shall not name did a horrible job with the print, refused to give a refund and I had no choice but to throw 300 cards into the trash.

A few days ago I had an urgent order of name cards because I relaunched my website and had an important meeting with a potential client. I needed to impress! I don't know if you know this but good quality name cards make an outstanding first impression. It needs to have a good feel and not appear to be flimsy. It needs to have a good weight too.

So I tried contacting my printer but he was out of the country on a family holiday. Without a back-up plan, I panicked and Googled "print name cards fast Singapore". A sizable list appeared on my laptop screen but one caught my eye.!

GoGoPrint's website has a lot of services to offer. Sticker rolls, leaflets, hanging calendars, labels, flyers, string bags and much more... They've made it so easy to order name cards. You can either use one of their templates, six pages worth of high quality templates, or upload your own design. I used my own designs so after a few clicks, I was ready to order!

You have two choices. Either upload your design or browse their templates.

Lots of templates to choose from if you don't have your own design. 6 pages of professional designs!

Since I needed my cards fast, I used the express 24 hours delivery service. As promised, my order was delivered the next day by a friendly deliveryman. The quality of the cards were above expectations and the service they provided from the start to end was exceptional.

I ordered 1000 name card with full color on front and back.

I opted for the 350g art card because it's sturdy and has a good feel. Each card has matte lamination on both sides too.

All rounded corners to give my cards the perfect finish.

I'm so glad I found So if you need a good printer, I highly recommend these folks. Please visit for more information.

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