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Review of Little Flower Hut Singapore

With 66 days to go to our wedding, I ordered something really nice for Gabrielle. You have no idea how excited we are to get married. Of course, there’s the anxiety that comes along with the wedding preparations. But for sure the excitement overrides all the other emotions. Gabrielle has done an incredible job with planning the wedding, right down to creating a to-do schedule since we are doing everything ourselves. I’ve come to realize that I simply cannot function at an optimal level without a to-do schedule. Thankfully I have my future wife to help me out in this department.

After rummaging through the web, I settled on a beautiful bouquet from Little Flower Hut. From their website, I gathered that Little Flower Hut has been operating in Singapore since 2010. That’s 9 years of providing flower and gift services in the lion city. These guys must be doing something right to stay in this competitive business for so long right?

I am happy to tell you they didn’t disappoint. The day after I placed the order, the bouquet arrived at my house bright and early. To be accurate, it arrived at 9.42am. This is the bouquet…

Besides the above bouquet, Little Flower Hut has other nice products like the 99 roses, baby hampers, chocolate hampers and diaper cakes.

 Diaper Cakes
 99 Roses Bouquet

 Baby Hampers

Chocolate Hampers

Do visit their website for more products.

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