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Why Anyone Should Own a Bean Bag

Ask any bean bag owner, and they may tell you that their bean bags are the preferred place to relax on at home by their family members and friends who visit. Having a sofa is definitely important because it completes the look for any living room or home, but having a bean bag as a part of your living room furniture collection may undoubtedly enhance the overall look. Let us go through the 7 benefits of having a bean bag that have made this item such a coveted one!

1. They are extremely comfortable

Bean bags are great for people of all ages because they are soft. They do not pose as a safety hazard to the elderly or children. Most bean bags allow you to sink into them, taking after the shape of your body, providing a very relaxing experience. You will never experience an odd or uncomfortable position when you are resting on one!

2. They are easily brought around

A bean bag inevitably becomes quite personal and sentimental over the course of time. Users tend to bring it around with them wherever they go within their home. You could bring it to your living room when you are reading a book, to the entertainment room when you are playing your video games, or place it just in front of the television for a movie night with your friends or family. Bean bags are filled with bean bag beads that usually have a composition of 98% air, allowing them to be really light in weight.

3. Beyond the home!

In modern offices where a work life balance is often encouraged, a beautiful pantry, engaging board games, and maybe even a pool table is easy to find. A bean bag however, is now becoming a very common item in such offices. It softens up the overall atmosphere of the office. Allowing staff to work within the comfort of a bean bag creates a casual home like environment, which may improve the productivity of work!

4. Variety – there is always something for everyone

Regardless of where you live in Singapore, there is probably a shop that sells a bean bag near you, and it would not cost more than S$10.00 to take an Uber, Grab, or taxi there. If you prefer to beat the crowd and save that transport money, bean bags are readily available on online home décor stores at really affordable rates. The best part? Free delivery is usually part of the package. Be spoilt for choice online as you crack your head to decide among the countless number of shapes, sizes, and colours to choose from.

5. A home décor tool

Bean bags do not just pamper your body, they pamper your eyes too. In some cases, they even add to your sense of pride. Bean bags are a perfect piece of home décor to leave around in your living room. Showrooms not related to home furniture have even begun to use them!

6. For the pet lovers

Pet owners pamper their pets very much. The emergence of many businesses catering to pet care proves the demand is real. A bean bag could be a great way to pamper your beloved dog or cat. Not to mention, many would look super adorable resting on them. Just make they do not rip everything up into shreds!

7. Economical with the best value

With above reasons all pointing towards the fact that owning a bean bag is such an amazing idea, some may still be contemplating on purchasing other types of furniture. Bean bags are usually very economically priced. An arm chair that would cost as much as a bean bag would usually be cheap looking and not very pleasant aesthetically.

I hope you have enjoyed reading through my 7 benefits of having a bean bag! Should you be thinking of getting one, do use my coupon code ‘NOEL7’ if you decide to get them from Masons Home Décor. You'll get 7% off total cart!

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