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I've been asked when I'll publish my next book. Well writing a book isn't any easy task by any means. I do have ideas and plots in my head so the next time I'm on a long vacation at a seaside resort, I'll pen my chapters. For now, I have republished my book with bonus chapters and more photographs. The current chapters have been rewritten too. I am so much happier with my book and I couldn't have done this without Gabrielle's help.

Ghost Files: SINGAPORE is about my journey into the paranormal world. In a sense, it's an autobiography of sorts with real life ghost encounters. Some of the things I have experienced in the last 9 years is unimaginable to some but many can relate because they too have encountered something on the same level or much worse.

Have it delivered to you or collect it at the book signing 
@ Thompson Curry on the 17th of December.
Pre-order ends on 6th November.

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An eBook version is also available on Kindle and PayHip. What's great about PayHip is it allows you to become an affiliate so you earn 25% commission per book sold.

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