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My thoughts on the Ah Boys To Men 4 Audition Fiasco

There's so much debate going on about this wannabe actor and his audition for Ah Boys To Men 4. I've been working with MM2 Entertainment Singapore since last year and in no way are they racist. Neither is the director of this very successful movie franchise and his team.

A friend of mine Tahir Ansari auditioned for a role recently and he has no complains. I hope he gets the role because this young man is an incredibly talented and versatile actor.

In our industry, roles in a television series or movie is created for a specific reason and each role is specific to a cause. The late Michael Clarke Duncan didn't complain about his  character in “The Green Mile" and closer to home, Irene Ang readily accepted and nailed her role as ah-lian tai tai Rosie Phua Chin Huay in "Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd". If one lives with the mindset that the world is against him because of his or her skin color then that person will never see success.

I'm sticking up for mm2 because they have been incredibly nice to me. If it weren't for them, Ghost Watch and future projects wouldn't exist. And hey, I'm a minority 'race' in Singapore! So yes, mm2 Entertainment is an amazing organization so please don't let what you read or hear change your opinion of them. Remember, there's always two sides to a story...

On a deeper note, I don't believe in race. We are all the same unless your blood isn't red and you don't breathe oxygen. There shouldn't be countries either. We are all citizens of a planet called Earth. Each and every one of us are the same. The day everyone realizes this, is the day wars and hatred will stop. We'll never see this day because hate and fear generates billions of dollars in revenue.

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