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Best Photo Booth in Singapore

For our party on New Year's Eve, we hired the services of Tiny Photo LLP. We needed a fun photo booth where our guests could dress up if they chose to and most importantly bring home a nice souvenir. After all, what better way to remember an occasion than a photograph right?

Belinda and Desmond from Tiny Photo LLP arrived an hour before our event started and their booth set-up was done quickly! Talk about hassle free! They brought a lot of props too. Really fun stuff like the Hulk hands, wigs, inflatables, hats and even this cool native Indian headgear.

As you can tell from the photos below, I took a lot of photographs! Camwhore much...


 LMAO! Check out my fringe! HAHAHAHAHA!

Another awesome thing worth mentioning is Tiny Photo uploads the photos to their Facebook Page after an event. That's useful if you want your photos saved to your computer or mobile device. 

Besides 4R prints, you can opt for business card sized prints or film strips. For my event, I chose to have two photos on a 4R. Figured that would be the best option. Well, everyone loved them. Oh I must stress that the photos were instant! We got them seconds after we took each photo. Ain't that awesome?

To book Tiny Photo for your kickass party, please visit their website You'll love them! 100% guranteed plus chop!

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