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Laugh Die You: The Karaoke (SINGAPORE)


That's right! Malaysia’s best-selling comedy hit “Laugh Die You – The Karaoke” is coming to Singapore on 9th and 10th July! Audiences can expect nothing less than three hours of brilliant comedy as the best of Malaysian and Singaporean stand-up comedians pit against each other.

Representing Malaysia in this epic comedy production is femme extraordinaire stand-up comic, Joanne Kam. Her acid-tongue humour will be challenged by Singapore’s effervescent Kumar, who needs no introduction for his irreverent, no-holds- barred comedic genius. 

With the two queens battling it out with all their comedic might of fierce Malaysia vs Singapore bashing jokes and insults, this verbal shootout will be moderated by the inimitable funnyman Gurmit Singh, who made Phua Chu Kang an iconic household name. Not only are the Singapore audience in for some side-splitting laughter, they will also witness the debut of Singh’s highly anticipated new alter ego: the turbaned, twisted- moustached and chest-haired Hero Singh. A law-abiding security guard who is eccentric, flamboyant and loud, it turns out that Hero Singh can also actually…wait for it…sing!

Tickets on sale now: S$375 (PLATINUM), S$169 (VIP), S$137 (GOLD), S$105 (SILVER) S$73 (BRONZE)

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