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The Greedy Girls Cupcake Workshop!

With an invite from my neighbour Felicia, I attended the Greedy Girls cupcake workshop on the 17th of October at a cooking studio near my house. I figured it's about time I learn how to bake. Not just bake but make delicious cupcakes!

Did I learn to bake cupcakes? OF COURSE! Was it fun? VERY! Did it promote teamwork? YES YES YES! After a brief introduction by The Greedy Girls and everyone attending the workshop, we were divided into teams of three. Charissa, Sharan and I were put together and we called ourselves team 'INK'd'! I wonder why....

We learnt to make two cupcakes in this workshop. Carrot and Red Velvet cupcakes. They look yummy huh?

Before we made each cupcake from scratch, the lovely Sandra showed us how it's done!

Here's Sandra with her Red Velvet mix...

I have no idea what Charissa is doing but this is teamwork!

We're mixing it up!

Our carrot cupcakes before it's popped into the oven...


Ta-da! Our cupcakes without the cream cheese frosting!

And this is our Red Velvet cupcakes...

Meet Karen from The Greedy Girls!
I have no idea why she has frosting on her hand!
Best thing about making cupcakes? We get to eat them!

The Greedy Girls! That's my neighbour Felicia in the middle.

I've found a hidden talent. I'm now Noel the Froster!
Our cupcakes!!!

All of us got to bring back a box of cupcakes. There's one missing in my box because, well, I ate it!
Everyone that attended...

As you can see from the last photo, a good number of children attended the workshop. I must say this is a fantastic way for parents to spend quality time with their kids. So if you have children, you have to join the next workshop! And hey, it's awesome for couples too. To sign-up for the next workshop, please like their Facebook page for updates. Here's the link:

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post. Stay happy and have a cupcake! :)

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