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Zhong Huan Steamboat Review

A week ago, my friends and I visited the newly opened Zhong Huan Steamboat at Jalan Kuras. Situated next to Giant Express, this new steamboat restaurant is buffet style that serves a good mixture of meat, seafood and vegetables. And hey, it's always nice to have a new eatery in my neighbourhood!

They have a fantastic selection of soups to choose from. We ordered Herbal Chicken soup and Tom Yam. Will try their Mala the next time. Since its a buffet, we were given an order sheet to choose what we want. We ordered fresh oysters, cuttlefish, prawns, beefballs, fishballs, crabs and lots more!

I love their fried chicken wings! I ordered this dish three times! Am actually craving for it now... :(

We loved their service. The staff were extremely helpful and as we Singaporeans say "on the ball". They were all smiles too. Their bosses must be doing something right! We'll definitely be back very very soon.

Zhong Huan Steamboat is open daily from 5.00pm to 3.00am. Visit them at 14 Jalan Kuras (Upper Thomson Road).

Price on weekdays (Monday to Thursday)
Adult: $22.90 nett
Child: $11.90 nett

Price on weekends (Friday to Sunday, Public Holiday Eve and Public Holiday)
Adult: $24.90 nett
Child: $13.90 nett

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