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My Bintan Lagoon Resort Review

It's been over a year since I last visited Bintan Lagoon Resort. My third visit to this resort was over a week ago. Yes I love this place! What's there not to love? Here are five reasons why I love Bintan Lagoon Resort!

1) It is less than an hour away from Singapore.
2) The staff are awesome! Extremely friendly and ever so helpful.
3) There are heaps of outdoor activities one can do!
4) The owner of the resort, Moe, is an amazing man!
5) The food rocks! I love three restaurants in particular. Rice (restaurant by the beach that serves awesome steaks), Miyako Japanese Restaurant (love their wagyu beef) and Orzo (Italian food is heaven. Period!).

For the rest of this post, I'll let the photographs do the talking...

We were welcomed in style at the ferry terminal...

Am digging the red lanterns at the resort's lobby. Nice touch guys!

This is my room. It's the Floral Villa Suite. It's so so so nice!!!!

Had this comfortable bed all to myself! Shiok to the max!

The bathtub with in-built Jacuzzi features.

The patio cum balcony.

The owner of the resort, Moe Ibrahim, left me this nice card.

Billy Berry accompanied me on this trip!

Look for her when you are in Bintan!

My favourite beer, Bintang!

Here's Bintang again. This time, in a tower.

The steaks at Rice is so good! This photo doesn't do it justice but I'll take a better one tomorrow.

I love the bar at Rice!

That's Moe in the middle. Next to him is Don from the Flying Dutchman's bar...

This is how you eat an awesome burger!

The amazing view of the golf course from Haskell's Cafe

Loved the Gado Gado at Haskell's Cafe

Spaghetti! Yummos!


It was a cloudy day but we had fun at the beach.


Billy rocking the jet ski like a pro!

Direct ferries to Bintan Lagoon Resort will resume in mid July! 

We spent the second evening chilling by the pool...

Had Fish n' Chips by the pool!

I'll be back in Bintan Lagoon Resort tomorrow with my team for a short retreat. Do look out for our video next week! And hey, if you wanna book your stay at Bintan Lagoon Resort, please click here!

Update: Here is the video!


  1. Replies
    1. It's awesome. The resort just relaunched their menu and I heard the fish n chips is even better now. I'm mad about fish n chips!!!!


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