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Jurassic World Review

Finally Steven Spielberg's dinosaurs are back! Like many of you, I am a big fan of dinosaurs. In fact, one of my many childhood dreams was to be an archaeologist. So yeah I waited fourteen years for the next dinosaur franchise movie. Was it worth the wait? Unfortunately no.

Somehow most of the dinosaurs didn't seem real. Yes I know dinosaurs are extinct but whatever happened to good old Hollywood magic? I remember being blown away in 1993. It could very well be because I was fifteen years old at the time but my imagination is still as bonkers. I just didn't get whatever Steven Spielberg and his team wanted myself and million others wanted us to feel.

With all action movies, you need good stars. However with Jurassic World , the only actor that gave a stellar performance was Chris Pratt. His performance was fantastic, believable and Hollywood hunk worthy. It makes you wonder why the rest of the actors were chosen for this movie.

The main stars of the show has to be the dinosaurs. I was glad to see the velociraptors. These creatures are just wicked. They hunt in packs and they have a don't 'F' with us attitude.

I expected more of the Indominus Rex. After all it's supposed to be a badass genetically modified dinosaur. In my opinion, the Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) is still the badass of all dinosaurs!

I don't want to spoil it for you so this is the only image of the Indominus Rex that I will post.
My summary...there wasn't a good build to the movie. It seemed rushed. I would have loved Jurassic World a little more if the dinosaurs had more screen time. The end of the movie did not make sense too. I guess for now, the Jurassic Park zone at Universal Studios Singapore will satisfy my love for dinosaurs.

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