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Make Money Online With Paid Surveys! 100% Guaranteed!

A friend that is down and out recently asked if there are ways to earn money online. While I know for a fact that blogging and YouTube can earn you money (lots of money if you are good), the other tried and tested way by yours truly is online surveys.

Why wouldn't anyone want to take surveys and be paid for it? It is something you can do in your free time and best of all, it is VERY SIMPLE to do. You can do these surveys from the comfort of your home, in your school canteen, while on lunch break, at the cafe, the list really does go on and on. That's how amazing online surveys are. The more surveys you complete the more you will earn.

Ok lets be honest here. You won't become rich doing surveys but the money earned can be used towards bills, holidays or even a nice gift for your partner. And hey, you won't break a sweat while doing these surveys.

I have made things easy for you by shortlisting the best survey companies in the world! So click on the links below to sign-up and starting earning your money now!

1) CashCrate: This is a very popular survey website and the payout is impressive!

2) SurveySavvy: This is another high paying survey website that comes highly recommended. I reckon you will like them as much as I do.

3) TreasureTropper: I was initially skeptical about these guys after looking at their website. But after trying them out for two months, they are good!

4) Points2Shop: When I signed up with Points2Shop, I immediately received my first survey that paid US$0.40. The following day I did a survey that paid US$1.20 and a US$10.00 survey a few days after. There are other ways for you to earn money too. Games and apps are just some of the available choices.

5) SquishyCash: SquishyCash has been around for 7 years and they are still going strong. Not only can you earn money by doing surveys, you will be rewarded when you listen to RadioLoyalty too! 

Note: I recommend that you sign up for all 5 survey companies. In this way, you'll constantly have surveys to do thus allowing you to earn money. 

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