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Mr Prata Evans Road Review

I can survive on Indian food 365 days a year. I love the brilliant combination of spices and the rich aroma that each dish eludes. My search for great tasting mee goreng led me to Mr Prata along Evans Road.

I love the chilled out ambience at this eatery. Singaporeans from all walks of life patron Mr Prata throughout the day. Yes they are opened 24 hours! You'll see taxi drivers sipping their kopi, cyclists having a quick meal and families spending quality time together. Although you'll likely see most of them on their mobile phones at some point or another. Tsk tsk! Well at least they are sitting together having a meal.

When I say the menu selection at Mr Prata is huge, I am not exaggerating! Not only do they have all sorts of prata, mee and rich dishes, they have western food too. We're talking steaks, wraps, burgers and even pizzas. They even have a good selection of Thai Muslim food as well. Very impressive I must say.

The mee goreng was spot on! It had the right balance of tomato sauce and soy sauce topped with a generous amount of diced mutton. I rate their mee goreng 7/10.

I can't stop at just one dish. Noel Boyd eats in BULK! This is the French Ice Cream Prata. What's that? It's prata with banana filling topped with chocolate, ice cream and sprinkles. If you have a sweet tooth, you'll like this! I'm sure children will like this too! Bananas and ice cream!!!

You have no idea how much I love chicken wings! It doesn't matter where I am. As long as I see chicken wings on the menu, I have to order it. Same thing happened at Mr Prata.

While I didn't like the fries, it tasted cheap, the chicken wings were decent. The batter gave the wings a good crunch and it was pleasantly tasty. If I could give one recommendation to Mr Prata, it's to marinate the wings for a longer period. I want and need to taste the marinate on the flesh and not just the skin.

There you have it. Another honest quality food review on my blog. More to come in due time. 

Mr Prata is located at 26 Evans Road, Singapore 259367. Visit their website at


  1. alamak brother. here i was eating my healthy breakfast of three papaya slices and then i had to see this on your blog. i want a mee goreng now goddammit!


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