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2014 and Style Men Magazine

How has the start of 2014 been to you? I hope to god it's going well. If you had a rocky start to the year, don't fret because you have 358 days to change things around! Lots can happen so stay positive. Cool?

I am looking forward to 2014! Since we are ushering in the year of the horse, I am as excited as can be! Yes, I am born in the year of the horse. While that makes me old to some, I am indeed younger than a 50 year old man. Or 40 for that matter. Hahaha! I still have my mojo and I will make one hell of an impact this year.

I started 2014 with a bang! Being featured in Style: Men Singapore magazine was a nice touch. Firstly it's a Mediacorp magazine and secondly it's a MAGAZINE! 

I blurred out the Q&A interview on purpose. Be sure to get yourself a copy to read that and every other cool article in the magazine. 

I have two projects in the pipeline that will define me as a businessman. I'll talk more about it when the time is right. I'll give you a clue though. Both projects revolve around events management. One project in particular has the potential of earning you money. Interested? Stay tuned...

That's it for this post. Remember what I said about turning things around. If you want something really bad, make it happen. Ain't nobody gonna do it for you and please don't count on favours. From my own life experience, it almost never ever happens. And if it does, you'll feel indebted to someone. That ain't the best feeling in the world! So put on that saddle and cowboy boots because that stallion is waiting for you. Yeeeeehaaaaaw!

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