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Things to do in Pulau Ubin!

I love Pulau Ubin! From the old rustic Singapore atmosphere to the seafood served on the island, it's a fantastic place for Singaporeans and tourists. Here are my list of things to do in Pulau Ubin!

1) Rent a bicycle!
Probably the best way to get around unless a leisure stroll is on your agenda. Bicycle rentals are affordable with a wide array of choices from the various shops. I paid S$15 for a decent mountain bike for a full day. They have helmets for rent as well. With the number of accidents involving cyclists in Ubin, one resulted in the death of a lady, I strongly advise you to wear a helmet.

2) Go fishing!
The island is a popular destination for anglers. Fishermen have been catching grouper and sea bass at Marman beach for years. If you are new to fishing, the Ubin jetty would be a nice location. Be sure to get your supplies (baits, rods, etc) from Changi Village before you arrive in Ubin.

The walkway at Chek Jawa

3) Trek through Chek Jawa
Located on the South Eastern tip of Pulau Ubin, Chek Jawa Wetlands is a jewel for nature lovers. It is a unique natural area where six major habitats meet and mix. I personally love the long walkway that stretches over the sea and mangrove swamp.

There is an abundance of wild boars on the island. I spotted this big fella on a quiet afternoon.

4) Become one with Nature
If you appreciate nature like I do, you can spend hours observing the wildlife in Ubin. From my previous trips, I have been lucky enough to see otters, macaques, wild boars, mudskippers, monitor lizards and some small snakes. Do bring a pair of binoculars along if you own one. For the best 'spotting' locations, do speak to the islanders as these folks know their island inside out.

my tent!

Food supplies we brought along to Ubin on one of our trips.

5) Camp under the Stars
There are three designated campsites on the island. While you do not need a permit to camp, you are advised to drop by the NParks Info Kiosk near the jetty to find out about the Do's and Don'ts. You are also advised to register yourself with Police Coast Guard (turn right when you exit the jetty) as well. There are toilets at the campsites but the water is not suitable for drinking. So please bring your necessary supplies and a tent in good condition.

ps: it is normal for the Police Coast Guard to patrol the campsites. They will ask for your ID and will screen everyone.

6) Dine!
Don't expect to cheap seafood on the island. Gone are the days where Pulau Ubin was a cheap attraction. I would say there isn't any difference in prices. On the plus side, you will be hungry at the end of your trip so why not dine in an old Singapore setting?

Notice I didn't mention staying at the only resort on the island? If you are thinking about it, DON'T! The service is bad, rooms are dirty and the food is horrible. You are better off sleeping at a bus stop.

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