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Review: QuizUp

I don't usually do app reviews or games for that matter. But I am doing one now because QuizUp is a really good game. For starters, its FREE! Secondly, it's EDUCATIONAL and thirdly, it's FUN! 

This is one gaming app parents should encourage their children to play. There's the Educational category that has subjects such as Math, Spelling and Thesaurus. There's is also a Disney category too which I think children (my girlfriend included) will love. Other great categories include history, geography and general knowledge.

I personally like the Pro Wrestling category as you can see from the image above. I am the best in Singapore baby! But I have a feeling that won't last long. Hahahaha!

A cool aspect about this game is the ability to challenge your friends. You do need to sign up via Facebook though. Once you do that, it's challenge after challenge! And yes, I'd love to challenge you! If you don't have me on Facebook already, add me by clicking here.

Download the QuizUp app on the Apple AppStore at this link:
* the Android version will be launched soon.

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