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Sentosa Spooktacular 2013 Review

When I was 6 years old, a haunted house at the annual police day carnival scared me so bad I've stayed away ever since. Some of you will say "NOEL! YOU WORK ON A GHOST SHOW FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!". Well yes I do but real ghosts don't scare me as much. Heck even our season finale where we went on a hunt for the pontianak didn't phase me. But haunted themed events? That's a whole different story! Why oh why did I agree to attend Spooktacular?!

the lovely bride
Well it starts like this...I attended the media preview night of Sentosa's Spooktacular. I told myself this would be a breeze. I'll show up, walk through the trails and have late dinner. I showed up alright. I had dinner too. But it wasn't a breeze nor could I walk through it. Hell no I couldn't! At one point, my brain told me to walk but my legs went "I ain't moving you dumb idiot!". So it took me a few minutes to sum up the courage to get moving. 

There are 5 trails altogether this year. I did two and left in a hurry. No there wasn't a family emergency, I wasn't sick nor did I have anywhere better to be. I was beyond scared! The first trail we did was 'Shutter'. That was terrifying. I can't remember much about this trail because I suspect my brain refuses to. The second trail I did was the 'Coming Soon'. If Shutter didn't give me a heart attack, Coming Soon would have done it. Chaba is one horrifying character. Everything about her sends chills down my spine. My girlfriend's sister was with me and she cried! A Thai woman that entered with the cast of 'Pee Mak' fainted halfway through it. Imagine that! She fainted!!! Apparently Shutter and Coming Soon are the top 2 scariest trails.

Sentosa teaming up with GTH is pure brilliance. This to me is a marriage made in heaven. On one hand you have a venue that is home to world class events and on the other you have geniuses that have made blockbusters such as Shutter, Phobia 1 & 2, Pee Mak and Coming Soon.

Here are pictures of Spooktacular 2013. More pictures are available here.



Chaba. Doesn't she look scary?! FML!!!!

It is a total nightmare when there are more than one Chaba's!

The expression on the cast of Pee Mak says it all!

The Dorm trail

Dorm trail...

They greet you as you enter Spooktacular

That's Nak and she isn't happy.

If you are attending Spooktacular, I sincerely hope you fair better than I did. You wouldn't want to waste the $66.60 you spent on your ticket right?!


Dates: 25th and 31st October & 1st and 2nd November (19th and 26th October is sold out)
Venue: Fort Siloso, Sentosa
Ticket price: S$66.60 (as you can tell from this review, it's worth every cent)
What to bring: Comfortable shoes for walking and your guts because you so are gonna need it!!!

For more information, visit

ps: To all the talents involved in Spooktacular, you're doing an amazing job! Keep up the good work. Y'all make sure more people scream and faint! To Lindsay, thank you for being a great host!


  1. Omg I'm going tonight and I'm totally freaked out now! Was the thai lady who fainted alright in the end? :\

    1. I don't know what to say to make you feel better. LOL! It's really good but really scary at the same time. I think she's fine. Didn't see her after they carried her out.


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