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Happy 2013!

Did 2012 fly by or what?! I remember the months more than the days. That says a lot considering there are only 12 months compared to 365 days. I have mixed feelings about 2012 but there's only so little I can say on my blog. That's one reason why I've not blogged as often as I should.

I don't want to say something then hurt the people I love most. Correct me if I'm wrong but honesty, as good as it is, can hurt like a bitch. Let's put it this way. When I'm honest, I don't bite my tongue. Not many can handle that. And if I can't be honest, I'd rather not blog. Get it?

But I promise to work around the "I'm not blogging". Take it as I went on strike! ROFL! It's my New Years resolution that I'll blog lots this year. Let's see if it happens!

I'm at Changi Airport terminal 1 now. Crappy instrumental airport music after a 4 hour flight from ShenZhen, China, will never perk anyone up. Myself included. Especially when I have to wait 5 hours for my next flight to Malaysia. Time is passing so damn slow!!!!

I'll post pictures from ShenZhen in a few days. I really liked the city and it was nice to be flown overseas to emcee an event. I hope you are having a good start to 2013. May the year be everything you want it to be. Don't ever stop believing y'all hear! God bless!

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