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WESC Store Grand Opening Party @ 112 Katong

On Saturday I attended WESC's @ 112 Katong grand opening party. WESC (We are the Superlative Conspiracy) has awesome street fashion apparel and merchandise. Their range of apparel includes tees, boxers, shirts, jackets and sweatshirts. Their merchandise however has a pretty impressive range. There's a watch I really dig, headphones that guarantees kick-ass audio, wallets that money will look great in and shades that would make any ordinary bloke look smashing!

The party was a hoot! There was free flow of wine which I most certainly took advantage of and with all things Asian, there was a lion dance performance to mark the opening. Celebrity DJ KoFlow was on the decks too!

The Mutewatch is a modern spin on the classic digital watch. It features a slick hidden touchscreen. Simply tap the flat surface or flick your wrist to activate the glowing display. It's functions include clock, alarm and timer. When your timer or alarm goes off, silent vibrations will let you know if it's time to sum up, move on or get going. I so want this watch!!!

Here's the Mutewatch promo video...

I got myself three tees. I simply love the material. It's not too thick and neither is it too thin. It's perfect for the always HOT and never cool Singapore.

For more information (where you can find them in Singapore besides 112 Katong), please visit

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