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Bintan Lagoon Resort: Direct Ferry & Resort Review

A week ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Bintan Lagoon Resort (BLR) for a media event. I knew BLR existed but I always thought it was a small resort compared to the others on the island. Boy was I wrong! The resort is HUGEEEEE! For starters, it has not one but TWO championship 18-hole golf courses. What about rooms? Well, BLR offers a whopping 470 recently renovated deluxe rooms, suites and villas. Here's a fun fact. US$43 million has been invested in the resort since it was purchased 7 years ago!

The hour and a half ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal gave us ample time to camwhore! 

I love the fact that BLR has its own ferry terminal. Guests have the luxury of walking to the resort lobby from the Indonesian customs counter. Should you not feel like walking, there are buggies and mini buses that shuttle guests around the island. Think about it...Your feet need a holiday too.

You might bump into SpongeBob at the ferry terminal!

The media event was to announce the collaboration between BLR, Mozaic Hotels & Resorts and Journeyful. By logging on to Journeyful, you can book that awesome holiday at BLR in minutes. Not only that, Journeyful offers kick ass prices at over 400,000 hotels and resorts all over the world!

So yeah, after the hour and half ferry ride and the express check-in, we were at the door of our Deluxe Sea View room. Now, I have this thing about standing outside my hotel room for a good few seconds before entering. Normally I would take a deep breathe. We all know that the pictures we see on brochures and websites aren't always what we get. But I am delighted to say the room rocked!!! If I didn't have the press conference to attend, I would have passed out on the bed! Oh man...the bed was so damn comfortable! Heck I could have passed out on the settee too!

Fully stocked minibar with Bintang Beer! Wooot! 

The General Manager of BLR. 

After the press conference we took a short tour of the resort. Here are some photographs!

The beach. Bet you knew that! ROFL! 

One of the villas you could stay in... 

This is the main hall... 

Ain't this just sweet? The resort can arrange this for you for that someone special in your life... 

Here's where you can laser quest and more... 

Motorized bicycles!!! 

One of the many friendly staff. He's actually the dude that was in SpongeBob. Erm I mean the costume...

Tee off anyone?

Once the tour was done, we were ferried to a golf course for dinner. Yes dinner on a golf course! We were greeted by two rows of friendly staff. I'll be honest. The moment I saw the bar, I headed right for it with only one thing in mind. I wanted a can of Bintang Beer. God damn! I love Bintang Beer!!!!

That's Celine on the left! She's crazy fun! 

One of the 6 bars at the event... 



What's a meal without dessert? Stephanie eats her dessert first before the appetizer and main course. She's weird like that.. 

That's my meal. Chicken, lamb & fish... 

They had Sky Lanterns! I always wanted to do this and I got to do it at last! 

I wrote a wish for my dad, relationship and my new business. 

HongPeng! Stephanie calls him HoPing! 

That's Sebastian on the far left and Jezreel Tan from Journeyful on the far right. 

More bloggers! That's Shawn in the blue shirt and Jonathan Yap in blue and white polo.

Moe Ibrahim, Co-Founder & CEO of Journeyful Pte Ltd.

I welcomed the free and easy schedule we had the following day. For once in the longest time, I was care free and able to do what I wanted to do at my leisure. That's so awesome it's the bomb! Here are some of the choices we had. Tandem biking, archery, laser quest, bungee bounce, paint ball, banana boat riding, snorkeling, ATV's and a soothing beach massage. Instead of doing all those fun things, we chose to take a slow walk around BLR's compound. It's not that I'm boring. I just needed to chill-out for a change.

After that long walk, Stephanie and I had lunch at Miyako Japanese Restaurant. Steph sure loves her Japanese food...

Wagyu Beef 
This was so so so so good! I was in cow heaven!!! 

Nanaten Moriawase 

Sushi Matsu 

Teppanyaki (Tsuru Course) 

Niku Udon 

Californian Temaki 

Bintan Dream 
I ain't a cocktail kinda guy but I couldn't resist! I loved the generous amount of rum man. LOL! It's for this reason I had 4 of these babies during lunch! 

I reckon by now you can tell I had a fantastic time at Bintan Lagoon Resort. I have nothing but great things to say about the place. Should you need a short retreat anytime soon, this is the place to go!!! I'll like to thank BLR, Mozaic Hotels & Resorts and Journeyful for the wonderful hospitality they showed us. I'll never forget it and I sure look forward to seeing you real soon!

If you wanna book your stay at Bintan Lagoon Resort, please click here!

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