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Prince William and Duchess Catherine Visit Singapore!

If you thought the giant pandas got a VVIP welcome in Singapore, Prince William and wife Duchess Catherine took it up a notch! While the pandas munched on the finest bamboo to grow in our lion city, the royal couple had a seven course meal at the Istana.

Here's what I presume went through the minds of our president, prime minister and of course the royal couple...

President Tony Tan: "God damn this man is tall!!!"

Prince William: "Why oh why did I wear a blazer in this humid country?!!"
"Ima get some of that tonight!! Oh yeah!!!"

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong: "Pay no attention to the lady at the back! She's works here..."
Prince William: "When is this Chinese bloke gonna let go of her hand?!"
Ho Ching: " mean this isn't a pajamas party?!!"

This is my favourite picture so far...

Pictures are from Yahoo! Singapore. Visit them for more pictures of the royal couple or visit this page to view some photographs by my neighbour Felicia Goh!

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