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IMMIGRANTS - The Singapore Gastrobar

Immigrants - The Singapore Gastrobar is the newest resident along the infamous Joo Chiat Road. Thankfully, yes I mean it, Immigrants is sleaze free! You don't know how good it feels to walk into a bar in Joo Chiat and not see a single working girl. Instead, friendly staff and Mediterranean styled decor will greet you. Amen to that!

I think their food menu is rather interesting. Chef Damian D'Silva has gone back to basics and infused his dishes to revolve around the various ethnicities found in Singapore. Since most of our forefathers are migrants to Singapore, their food menu would be all too familiar to them. For example, there's an old classic Malay dish called Ayam Kalasan which is chicken marinated with spices and coconut, then deep fried to perfection. There's the Bengali Lamb Chop which is marinated in a mix of wet and dry spices which is so damn good! Just thinking about it makes me drool!

If you have never tried Eurasian food, please try the Eurasian Pork Cutlets, Seh Bak and Singgang. And because my neighbour Felicia is Peranakan, you must try their Ngoh Hiang and Sambal Buah Keluak Fried Rice. The next time I visit Immigrants, I'm gonna try their Squid Bombs. The word bomb in a dish is enough to get me excited!!! Man...I can just go on and on about food huh? What can I say? I LOVE FOOD!!!

Let's talk about alcohol for a change. This is a gastrobar after all. Well let's start with the daily happy hour promotions from 5pm to 9pm. A half pint of ASAHI Premium Jukusen is $7, $10 for a pint and $64 for a tower. Plus enjoy 20% off all bottle beers, wines, spirits and all whiskys except single cask whisky.

They have an excellent range of wines so wine lovers will love this bar. And beer lovers like myself will never leave sober! Why?! They over 20 bottled beers, ales and stouts! This brings to mind...I so need to try their Chocolate Stout soon. Yum yum yummmmmmm!

Here are some photographs from the grand opening of IMMIGRANTS - The Singapore Gastrobar...


 The Heritage Salsa rocks!!!

 It's Eurasian alright! It's the Eurasian Pork Cutlet!

 Naresh, manager and good friend of mine...

 That's my neighbour Felicia!

 Cheryl will be joining me on stage soon. Very soon!

 That's Cindy. A fellow Eurasian...

 Here's another Eurasian...Lana!

 Felicia and Meldryne.

Her uniform says it all! I have no idea where I'm looking at though...

IMMIGRANTS - The Singapore Gastrobar is located at 467 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427678. For reservations, email or call +65 85117322.

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