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The LovingSG Trails Contest

When we think Singapore, many of us would probably think of the tantalizing food that is available 24 hours a day island-wide and the many races that live in harmony. How many of us think about buildings and places?

If buildings and places could talk, they would tell generations of stories. Well a good way to find out more about our buildings and places in Singapore is to join the LovingSGtrail contest. Not only will you find out about the history, customs and traditions, you stand to win great prizes!

If the prizes for the LovingSG Trails 1 – Places I'll Remember, Heritage Trail are a good indication, you could win Android Tablets, smart phones, Netbooks, NDP Funpacks and over $1000 worth of shopping vouchers! To top that, there will be a grand lucky draw for those that complete at least 3 trails. The prizes are HD LED 3D Smart TV's, DSLR cameras and high-end laptops!!!

To join the contest, you need to download the NDPOnTheGo app! Click here if you are using an iPhone and click here if you are an Android user.

While there aren't any details about the The Green Trail yet, here's what I can tell you. The contest is from 1st July to 14th July and you'll need to follow the trail as stipulated. There will be 10 checkpoints and YOU will need to take a photo and geotag it.

This is one of the questions asked in the Urban City Trail. When you get to the location, click start and you can take a picture....

If you are unsure and need a hint, click Info and you will get something educational like this.

This is a fantastic way to spend time as a family, couple or just with your friends. You'll learn lots of cool new facts about Singapore and this trail has been designed to take you on a journey to discover, understand and appreciate our heritage and what makes us Singaporean.

There are other ways in which you can participate in this year's NDP. You can find out how by clicking here! It's awesome that social media is playing such a huge role. Yes our youths are crazy about social media but the older folks like me use it everyday too. So yeah, it's awesome that the celebrations this year is embracing what we Singaporeans love!

Do visit the official NDP website for updates, activities and rehearsals!  

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