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Thomson, My Home - Lower Pierce Reservoir

Thomson is a place I love and there isn't a neighbourhood I'd rather be in. I've got mad love for this place. I want to show you and the world how awesome this place really is. The only way I can do that is through pictures and maybe even a video special someday. So do lookout for my Thomson posts and videos in the coming month. Cool?

I recently brought my camera to Lower Pierce Reservoir. I've spent most of my childhood running through the forests, playing with the long-tailed macaques and whatever reptiles I could get my hands on. Yup, that was my childhood. We didn't have a computer, no handheld game devices and I didn't have much toys. Nature and a good number of drains were my toys. Looking back, I wouldn't have wanted things any other way. It brought me closer to nature and I grew up appreciating wild life. That's just something money can't buy.

These are some of the pictures I took...

Entrance to one of the two nature trails at Lower Pierce Reservoir.

The nature trail...

This Malayan Water Monitor lizard is a beauty!

She looks like she's smiling right?

People should not leave their trash behind!!!

The love of my life, Stephanie, started a Tumblr blog for me last night. In this blog, you'll find pictures I've taken in the last few months and you'll also be able to view more pictures from Lower Pierce Reservoir. Here's the link:

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Zomg! You live in Casuarina too! When did you move in? Showed my mom your blog and she say she seen at the cheers and food centre. Which house is yours?


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