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If you love snakes, you'll dig SnakeBytes TV! This weekly web show from BHB Reptiles is not only educational, it's entertaining. BHB Reptiles is one of the largest snake breeding facilities in the world and most of the episodes are recorded there. Brian Barczyk, the owner and host of the show, certainly knows his work and I love hearing him talk about snakes. To some people it's just a job but with Brian, you know that he loves what he's doing. I assure you. That's true love right there!

Do look out for Chewy! He's a real funny guy and his encounters with Satan are priceless! Who is Satan? There's only one way to find out. YOU need to watch the show!

Watching this show brings back many fond memories from my time at the Jurong Reptile Park back in 1998. If Singapore didn't have their strict laws prohibiting reptiles as pets, I'll have a good collection at home. Damn I miss my babies!!!

As mentioned, SnakeBytes TV is a web show and you can watch it on their YouTube channel. Here is the link:

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